As soon as the gate was opened, it started getting busy at the shelter.  The first truck pulled in with 2 horses that they could no longer keep.

This is an older Paint gelding who is a very pretty boy. Joele is about 20 years old.  He has a few health concerns we are going to have our vet check out to make sure he is OK.  He is definitely a big beautiful boy.

The other horse is Gracie, a registered APHA named Trinity Rocket Deck.  She was born in April of 2003, making her 11 years old.  She has only been worked with in a round pen and has never gone out riding.  Kirsty will be working with her to get her ready for the trails.

Joele and his companion got settled in to the big barn.  While that was happening…

…potential adopters were out looking for a horse to adopt.  They were so excited when they found the horse they knew was the perfect match, and the horse knew it too.  They definitely hit it right off!

While the potential adopters were looking at the horse they want to adopt, another horse was surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program.  She was an older mare with neurological problems.  She was camera shy and didn’t get her picture on the blog.

Yet another horse was being surrendered, it was such a busy day with potential adopters looking to adopt and a total of 4 horses being surrendered.  This is Freddie, a 15 year old gelding.

Freddie is a very big horse.  His previous owners say that he is very grouchy and bucks a lot.  We are going to have our vet look at him, we often find there is something medically wrong with them, causing them to be grumpy and uncooperative.

Finally the busy day started calming down.  Patches has been doing so well it was decided to take him out on his first trail ride since his rehab.

First he didn’t know what to think of the pond…

…but pretty soon he was having a grand old time splashing.  It’s so great seeing him have so much fun.

He really did awesome on the ride.  It was a great experience for Kirsty and Tawnee as they know how far he has come from his horribly long hooves until now.  He would be great for a light rider or a kids horse.  His hooves are almost completely recovered but still have a little ways to go.

While on the trail ride it was discovered that the neighbors goat was stuck in the fence across the highway, again.  Kirsty went over to investigate while Tawnee held the horses.

Kirsty couldn’t get the goat out, so they radioed Russ to come help out.

We’re not sure how long the goat had been stuck there, but we believe for quite awhile.  The baby had been staying by its mom, who was stuck in the fence, and when she was free to they ran off to join the herd again.

After the ride Kirsty told Patches he did such a great job and she was so proud of him.

It was  a very busy day, but everyone was fed, watered and tucked in by the time the sun starting sinking in the west.

Thank you all for your support!