Monday morning Russel was moving some of the new horses out of the stalls and into pens. Joele and Gracie were able to go out into one of the big irrigated pastures.

They were very happy in the pasture.  They are both so beautiful!

Remmy was trying to get more attenuation, so he turned into an Appaloosa horse.  If course he couldn’t actually change his breed and color, he was just playing in the sprinklers and then rolled in the dirt. When Tawnee first saw him she thought him was a different horse at first.

Angel is getting so big! She really loves Russel, she knows he is the person who feeds her.

Little D (Angel’s seeing eye donkey) always get’s so jealous when Angel is getting attention. He will walk up and put his head on your shoulder as if saying “Hey! What about me!” and then Angel is like, just when I was enjoying the humans, Little D steals them away.

There was some stickery weeds out in the pasture that needed to be taken out. Jason borrowed a riding lawn mower from one of our  board of directors. It was not working, but they said that if Jason could get it running we could used it to mow the stickery weeds. Before long Jason had it going and the weeds were all mowed down.

Shari our faithful volunteer had been on the road many hours bringing a horse to our shelter.

Meet Annie, a 15 year old Mustang mare.  Annie’s old owner’s no longer wanted her after she had baby, they wanted the baby, but not her. Shari was afraid where Annie would end up, so she brought her to us.

It was a very hot day and Annie enjoyed a nice cool shower after her long trip.

After bringing Annie to us, Shari was going to be taking a rescued dog to Home At Last and it was decided since Shari was heading there with room in the trailer that Merlin would be joining the horse herd at Home at Last.

He was a very good boy and got right into the trainer. We know that he will be very happy at Home At Last.

The big pasture looked so beautiful at the end of the day with all the stickery weeds mowed and the sprinklers watering the grass.

Thank you all for your support, it really helps keep our doors open to animals in need just like Annie.