We have a new urgent need that we really need your help with.  Two of our volunteers, Jim and Laura, traveled into Mexico to learn first hand the realities of the horrors that face horses every day in Mexico. The slaughter houses in Mexico are paying $500 per horse. They traveled to Mexico in the hope of saving horses directly from the slaughterhouse, but unfortunately, the slaughterhouse refused to sell any to them.

Coming back into the United States, they attended an auction near the US border along the route to El Paso. They were able to rescue a Jenny donkey with her 1 month old colt and a kids camp horse who was dumped into the slaughter pipeline after he was no longer needed.


 As you can imagine, the costs incurred in rescuing these three precious animals is a bit higher compared to normal auction rescues with quarantine, coggins, paperwork, and the long transport. This is the first time we have rescued from the Mexico border slaughter pipeline, and we hope to save more lives from the border soon.

We are so thankful that we were able to rescue these precious lives, the baby donkey is so incredibly cute!  Please donate right now to help cover the rescue costs of these three sweet souls.  To donate using your credit card, click here or to donate using your Paypal account, click here.

Tuesday morning Jason was out busy weed eating some of the nasty stickery bushes that the riding mower could not get to.  It’s nice to get them gone, there are still some more but we are definitely winning the war on the stickery weeds.

The sheep really love the nice green pasture.  It is so neat to see them frolicking in the green grass.

Three horses were getting ready to head to their forever home.  Two of the horses were being adopted by Trinity Horse Refuge staff and one was being transferred to the refuge so she could be reunited with a horse she was separated from at an auction.  Painter is such a good boy and was all ready to get his halter on so he could head on his new adventure.

Venus and Jamala Jalala (not pictured) also loaded up and were ready to hit the road.

Before long they found themselves at their new home.  Painter was interested in looking around at the new sights and sounds.

Jamala and Venus were happy to have each other for company in their new surroundings.  They will no doubt settle in at their new home soon.

Then Jason hit the road and arrived at an Animal Control where 3 horses were being surrendered.  They didn’t come with names, but we will be naming them soon.  This chestnut is a gelding, and the horse behind him is a mare.

This is another mare, poor girl looked a little worried about what was going to happen to her.  We wish we could speak “horse” so we could tell them everything is going to be OK.

From there Jason headed to a ranch to pick up a sweet boy, an off the track Standardbred, who has been unable to recover from an injury, and upon veterinarian recommendation, they knew that the Last Act of Kindness was the kindest way to relieve his constant suffering.

It was dark by the time Jason got back at the shelter.

Everyone unloaded safely into their waiting pen.

The barn lights were not working, so it made it difficult to get pictures of them settling in.

They don’t need lights to find their yummy food that was waiting for them!

We would like to thank each one of you who support our shelter, keeping our doors open for horses in need just like the ones in today’s blog.  Please remember our Mexico Border Auction Rescue, click here.