Wednesday morning the horses from Animal Control were all settled in and enjoying breakfast.  This skinny bay mare from Animal Control is named Mika.

This is the other bay mare from Animal Control, her name is Stella.

This sorrel gelding from Animal Control is named Friendly Frank, or just Frank for short.  Our trainer and vet will be evaluating them for quality of life and adoptability.

Right after opening time another Animal Control came in with 2 mature stallions with medical problems for our Last Act of Kindness program.  The agency drove about 6 hours to bring them to us, but we were the closest, safest facility for providing humane end of life services to mature, unadoptable stallions.

Jim and Laura did an interview for the camera about their experiences in Mexico.  Look for the video soon.

About 2:30 Jason and Tawnee hit the road to go pick up a couple horses that had been adopted from us 6 years before.

The owner back in 2008 had fallen in love with Dusty and Blaze, and wrote a check for the surgeries they needed.  After their recovery she adopted both of them.  To read their blog, click here.

She really loved her horses and it was hard for her to say “Goodbye” to them.  The horses health was declining and she knew it was time to make the hard decision to say “Goodbye.”

Leaving the ranch where the horses were boarded, Jason and Tawnee couldn’t help but notice beautiful Mount Shasta.

It was a long drive back with lots of construction work.

Unlike the previous night unloading the horses in the dark, Russ had gotten the lights working and was waiting for them to arrive.

Blaze and Dusty unloaded and were put in their waiting stall.  They were very calm in their surroundings.

Thursday morning in the office everyone was impressed by the new layout map that one of our Board of Directors made for the shelter.  When visitors come to the shelter and are checking in they can see the shelter layout.  To see the layout map, click here.

Thursday was spent catching up on office work, Kirsty calling potential adopters, and Tawnee working on adoption applications as Janice is not feeling well.  Russ spent a good half hour taking pictures of the beautiful sunset, he really likes this one and we think you will too.

Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.  It really means a lot to the shelter and all our staff and animals!