We have a brand new video up of the shelter that you will want to watch!  One of our Board of Directors brought his drone to the shelter and did a fly-around so you can see what the shelter looks like from the air.  To watch the video, click here.

Saturday night two of our volunteer rescuers attended an auction and were able to rescue 4 horses.  The next morning they picked up a horse that was being surrendered from an owner who was no longer able to keep her, then headed back to the auction to pick up the 4 horses that they rescued.

One by one the horses were led out of the holding pens, down the alley and to the waiting trailer.

Finally they were all loaded and ready to hit the road for the long drive to the shelter.

At the shelter Bayo was hanging out with Russ.  He is in adoption pending and will be heading to his home soon, but as you can see, he has made quite the bond with Russ while at the shelter.  We rescued Bayo from a Nevada slaughter auction, and we are so happy that he has a wonderful home lined up for him.

A couple potential adopters came out to look at the horses.  They are looking to add another horse to their family.  They only have 1, and the wife would love to go riding horses with her husband.

They really liked Joele and as long as he clears his vet check (there are some health concerns we are getting checked out) he should have a wonderful home.  They submitted their application and are hoping for the best.

After they left another group of visitors came out to look for a horse for their family.  They were very considerate and brought carrots for the horses at the shelter.

In the round pen Tawnee was showing Patches to an adopter who is approved to adopt.  They are really considering adding him to their family.

They adopted another horse that they had an adoption hold on.  They said they would come back and bring more of their family members and really think about Patches.  We are hoping that Patches will get to live with this wonderful family!

As they were pulling out, another group of visitors were waiting in the office to go back and see the horses.  Then a trailer pulled up with 2 more horses to surrender.  It was such a busy day, and Kirsty took the day off for a family reunion, but everyone wished she was there to lighten the load.

This gelding is Saint Valentines Cupid, a 15 year old Mustang / Quarab cross.  We are told he is trained to ride and has been in parades, team penning and has been with his family since he was born.  Sadly they could no longer afford to keep their horses.

This is Pretty, who is a very elderly horse who was surrendered for the Last Act of Kindness due to her failing health.

While Russ was taking a group of visitors to the office, Tawnee was taking another group back to meet the horses.  It was quite the hectic day!

This group really fell in love with Candi.  They want to bring the rest of the family up to meet Candi.

One of the pony’s from the previous auction group didn’t want to be caught at all.  We suspected he wasn’t wild as he had halter marks and was a gelding.  After some coaxing and persuading Russ had a halter on him.  He is a cute little guy, but it is going to take a lot of hoof care and grooming to get him back to tip-top shape.

By this time the rescue volunteers were backing up to the loading and unloading chute to unload the surrendered horse and the auction horses.

The horses were very wide eyed, looking out at their new surroundings.  They had a look of hope in their eyes.

One of the horses is very very skinny.

The skinny horse was unloaded first.

Then the other horses came out one by one.

Then horses in the front compartment were unloaded.

This is the Thoroughbred who was an owner surrender.

We would like you to meet the auction horses.  This is Lady Bug, a 4 year old mare who was separated from her pregnant mother at the auction.  Apparently they had never be separated.

This is Dutch, a very pretty paint gelding.  We are guessing he is about 3 years old, but will know for sure after his evaluation.

This is a 20 year old dun mare who is said to be trained to ride.  Her name is Princess.

This pretty mare is named Gemma.  She is the skinny one that was rescued at the auction, we hope she will recover her weight soon.

This is Rocio Comargo, the owner surrendered Thoroughbred mare.  She last raced in 2007 and won about $32,000 in her racing career.  She had been used as a brood mare since her racing career ended.

At the end of the day Tawnee took another stunning sunset silhouette photo.  She is building a gallery and hopes to have them for sale soon.

Thank you all for your support!