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Wednesday morning found one of our Board of Directors, Scott, setting up to do more videoing at the shelter with his drone.  We really appreciate him donating his time and expertise in getting us the footage.

We are planning on using the footage for a major promo video that we are going to be releasing soon.

While Scott was filming a couple horses were surrendered for the Last Act of Kindness program.  The people drove many hours to bring their two precious members of their family to us.  They said they wished we had a program closer to them, but they are so appreciative of our humane end of life services.  We know that without our Last Act of Kindness program, many elderly horses like these could be dumped at auctions and head to slaughter.

After the two horses were settled in, they got back to work filming with the drone.  Mika was going to be released into the pasture as part of the filming.

It’s so neat seeing a birds eye perspective of the shelter.

Kirsty got to work evaluating Annie.  She came to us with the description that she was dangerous because she didn’t want to leave her 3 month old baby on a ride and bucked her owner off several times in an attempt to get back to her baby.  Our vet evaluated her and said that she most likely was only trying to be a good mom.  Kirsty worked with her and found that she is a very easy going horse and wants to please.

We are very happy that Annie seems to be a really nice horse and we hope to find her the right home soon.  We will continue evaluating her to make sure that nothing pops up.

We got a call that there was a uncatchable horse that was colicking and one of our old vets who we worked with a lot in the past asked if he could be brought to our shelter since we are set up for handling hard to handle horses.  So, the trailer was hooked up and they headed out to bring the horse to the shelter.

Before long the horse was safely in the trailer and on his way to the shelter.

Soon the vet arrived and started working on him.  She was so thankful to be able to use our equipment in this difficult case.

It makes it so much easier to tube a horse when they can’t jump around and try to kick the vet.

Since the vet was there we got her to volunteer to look at a few horses.  One of them was Cowgirl, who we believe may have PSSM.  A blood test was drawn to determine if that is the case or not.

Cowgirl is such a pretty girl and we hope that the test will come back negative and everything will be OK.

The colicky horse spent the night at the shelter.  Thursday morning Tawnee was happy to report to the vet that all systems were functional once again.  The vet said he could go home so he was transported to his home.

A truck and trailer pulled into the shelter and everyone just assumed that yet another horse was being surrendered as there was no scheduled adopters coming in.

We were delighted to find out that the trailer belongs to one of our previous adopters who is an excellent home.  They wanted to add another horse to their family and brought their empty trailer.  They really liked High Cat, and they wanted to spend some time with him getting to know him.

Meanwhile a horse was being surrendered into the adoption program, and she wanted to show our staff what she knew.  We would like to meet Desert Jewel, a 5 year old Mustang mare.

Jewel was going to be in the 2012 Extreme Mustang Makeover, but after bringing her home from the BLM it was found that she has a floating chip in her hock that causes inflammation if she is worked hard.  She is not lame on it at all, fluid just builds up around the chip.  The trainer, Willow, decided to pull Jewel out of the competition, but she still trained her and she is a really great horse.  She is nicely trained to ride and it was really neat seeing the bond the two have.  We really hope that this trainer will join our next Extreme Rescue Makeover event.  You can see a video of Willow working with Jewel on the very first day: click here.

You can find information about Willow, the trainer, and the horses she trains at her website: click here.

Jessica was out working on more horses hooves.  Mika was one of the horses that got her hooves trimmed.

As you can see Mika really needed her hooves trimmed.

Another truck and trailer pulled in, with another horse to be surrendered.

Inside was a horse in its 40’s who’s owner wanted to surrender him to our shelter.

We would like you to meet Max, he is 42 years old gelding.  He looks pretty good for his age!

Meanwhile, High Cat was still spending time with his potential family.  They were able to saddle him up and ride him, and they absolutely fell in love with him.  They knew he was the perfect addition to their family.

What a great adoption photo!  They were so happy, and High Cat looked quite pleased with himself too.  He is going to be joining a pony club, and they will have so much fun together.

The one thing the mom was hoping would happen is High Cat would load easily.  High Cat hopped right in and the mom almost did a happy dance.

Some kids visited the shelter and their mom was going to make the decision about adopting Candi.  She wanted to spend some more time with Candi, and her boys had fun playing with Dottie.

They gave Dottie a bath, and to the dismay of the little boy, Dottie promptly rolled in the dirt.

Dottie was quite happy with herself and thought she looked great.

Finally the mom made her final decision, and she was excited to tell us that she had decided to add Candi to their family.  We are so excited for Candi!

Friday our vet came out to do some evaluations on some of the new horses.  We were concerned about Joele as he seemed to have some health problems.  After the vets examination he did an internal exam and found a large bladder stone almost the size of a basketball.  Poor boy!  Of course the Last Act of Kindness is the only humane option to relieve his suffering, especially at his age.

The vet also evaluated the latest auction horses and some of the other horses too.

It has been an incredibly busy week and we thank you all for your support!  13 horses came into our shelter just this week alone, and we couldn’t help them without your help.