Sunday when the shelter opened trailers began arriving to surrender horses.  We have had a lot of horses being surrendered, especially a lot of Last Act of Kindness surrenders, and we believe it may be because we advertised with the services we have available in a well known Equestrian magazine.

The office became VERY busy as people waited their turn to fill out the necessary paperwork.

The first horse that was surrendered was Nino, a 10 year old Andalusian gelding.  He has some lameness and we are going to have our vet check him out.

Another horse being surrendered was Prissy.  She is a 19 – 20 year old Arabian/Morgan mare who is said to be an excellent, amazing Gymkhana horse.  She has won a lot of Gymkhana events, ribbons and buckles.  They said that she runs barrels in 20 seconds and poles in 25 or so.

Jewel was placed in adoption pending!  This family was hoping to adopt Joele, but then Joele was found to have the bladder stone.  Annie is a great horse for them and they absolutely fell in love with her.

Other potential adopters were looking at the other horses to see if there was a good match for them.

They really liked Annie, and placed her in adoption pending.  Kirsty is going to continue doing more evaluations, but so far Annie has been an absolutely great horse and the adopters are aware of her past history.

Jason got to work building something…  Jason always tries to think of ways to make jobs quicker and easier, and a thought came to his mind.

This is the basic prototype.  What is it?  This gets attached to a hose, then the hook latches onto the side of a water trough, a bucket, or a barrel, and the water goes through the pipe and into the water, so there is no cross contamination before water troughs.  That way you don’t have to worry about your hose falling out of the trough, or contaminating from trough to trough.

Candi’s big day to go to her new home had arrived.  Tying her next to the trailer, it is plain to see how big she really is.

A short ride later and she was hopping out.

Her new family is so happy and excited to have her.  They used to have another draft horse but sadly lost him due to health problems.

Candi was absolutely amazed at her new home.  She has such gorgeous views and a nice big pasture.

It was neat to see her trotting around enjoying herself.

The barn at Candi’s new home is very nice.  It even has air conditioning piped into each of the stalls.  We’ve never seen piped air conditioning into horse stalls before.  Candi is such a lucky girl!

They had a cart that they wanted to donate to the shelter.  We are really happy about this, we would like to cart train ponies that come into the shelter.

The cart fit right in the back of the big trailer for the short ride to the shelter.

Russ said “Goodbye” to Candi, he really got attached to her, but he is very happy that she has such a great home.

Candi loved watching the sunset.  She is going to be enjoying a lot of beautiful sunsets at her beautiful new home.

Trinity Horse Refuge, who has several horses that were transferred from us, are needing to move and would like help with their moving expenses.  They were served with an eviction notice and don’t have a whole lot of time.  If you can help out at all, please do so: click here.

Thank you all for your support of our rescue and sheltering efforts!