Monday morning we had a horse being surrendered before we were opened.  They had called and made an appointment, it was the only time they could bring the horse in.

The horse was being surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program.  She has an extremely bad leg they had been trying to fix, but finally they knew they couldn’t keep her in constant pain as it wasn’t getting any better.

They gave her one last hug and told her she had been such a good girl.

Russ was working on fencing and Phoenix, Angel and Little Dee decided to see if they could help.

They decided to be quite helpful and clean the back of the Hay Wagon, making sure that there was no left over cubes in it.

Before long the fencing job was done and they were heading out.  Friendly Frank looked across the fence, wishing he could have helped too.

Yet another horse was surrendered that Animal Control was involved in.

He is a very elderly horse in his 30’s and has failing health.

We really feel sad for this poor horse, it’s always sad when horses are allowed to get into this bad of shape when their health is failing.  It’s much better to give them the Last Act of Kindness before they suffer for many months.

We would like to give you an update on the Mexican Border Rescue horses.  They have their coggins, are out of quarantine and are at the shelter!  This is Dundy, an older gelding.

Everyone was so excited when they got here, especially to see the donkey with her baby.

We have named the mommy Apple and the baby is named Wifi.  They are so incredibly cute, and they are available for adoption!

Apple is not halter trained yet, so Russ had to take Wifi out of the trailer, and then Apple followed her baby.

Wifi is so cute and has the longest little fuzzy ears ever.

They were comfortably settled in a stall, and were anxiously waiting for their supper.

Dundy was already enjoying his supper, he is such a pretty boy.

We would like to especially thank everyone who donated to help with our first Mexican Border Rescue.  Without your help, Dundy could have very easily slipped across the border and be served up on a plate over seas, and Apple and Wifi could have become donkey BBQ.