We really need your help to reach our goal!  We are currently at $3,583 out of the needed $6,000 for the rescue, transporting, vet care, training, sheltering and care of slaughter pipeline horses at auctions.  The next auction we are attending is tomorrow, on Saturday evening.  Please help out right now, click here.

   Wednesday an approved adopter was looking at Princess.

She really likes her and will be thinking about adopting her and adding her to her family.  Princess really seemed to like her too, we are hoping for the best!

A trailer pulled in to the shelter with 3 more horses to surrender.  July was the busiest month we have ever had with 51 equines coming into our shelter.

The horses unloaded one by one.

This is Ruby, an Appaloosa mare.

The chestnut horse is named Sandy.  The Palamino was surrendered for the Last Act of Kindness program. She has neurological problems, cushings and is very elderly.

As we are an open door shelter some of the horses come to us with no financial support, such as the 3 above.  We do appreciate when those who cannot afford the surrender fee donate items that can help the shelter.

Wednesday evening Russ took this absolutely beautiful sunset picture.

Thursday morning a box of horse cookies arrived.  They really smelled good!

We would like to thank Freeman Arabian Ranch for donating some cookies for the rescued horses.  It will really make them feel like humans bring them the best things ever.  In appreciation for sending cookies to the horses at the shelter, please visit their Facebook page, like their page, and thank them for their generosity.  Just click here.  Maybe order some cookies for your pets?

Some previous adopters came out looking to add another horse to their family.

The lady really fell in love with Cupid.  As you can see, he thought she was pretty nice too.

She really enjoyed riding Cupid and he did his absolute best to impress her too.

They decided they would adopt him and add him to their family as it was the perfect match.  They didn’t have their trailer with them so they made an appointment to come back.  Mr Chicken approved of the adoption from high on Kirsty’s head.

Jessica was out trimming hooves.  RC was a good girl and really enjoyed the treatment.

Kirsty got busy evaluating Ruby to see if she was trained to ride.

While Ruby was saddling up, the water troughs were filling.  Remember the gadget Jason made?  It seems to be working great and Russ loves the convenience.

Ruby is trained to ride nicely, although she needs a little bit of a refresher course to tune her up.  She is a big, beautiful mare and we don’t believe she will be at the shelter long.

We got the great news that Cupid’s adopters were coming back right away with their trailer to pick him up.  So, Cupid was led to the front.  They couldn’t wait for the next day to pick him up.

Cupid’s new mom had the biggest smile.  Cupid asked if we could please have another adoption photo taken where Mr Chicken wasn’t trying to photo bomb it.  Cupid is such a pretty boy and we know he will have a great home with his new family and the other horse his family adopted from our shelter previously.

Cupid wasn’t too sure about getting into a 2 horse straight trailer, but after a little persuasion he hopped in.

Please remember our August Auction fundraiser.  The auction starts tomorrow!  Click here.  Thank you!!