We can’t possibly thank each and every one of you who donated to make our August Auction Fundraiser successful.  Thanks to your donations we were able to save 12 horses at the auction Saturday night!  That is 12 precious lives that were pulled from the slaughter pipeline just because you donated to make that happen.  Thank you so much!

Sunday morning Remmy was told he was going to be heading to his adoptive home.  He is such a gorgeous boy.

He really didn’t like the idea of leaving his friends and getting in the horse trailer, but he was a good boy and got right in.

Then the trailer hit the road, first to take Remmy to his home, then to pick up the first load of auction horses.

    When Kirsty got to the shelter she got right to work evaluating a couple horses.  First up was Prissy, she is the 20 year old Arabian / Morgan gymkhana horse.

She did really good in her first evaluation.  She is very willing to please.

We are going to have our vet check out her legs as we believe she may have some ringbone or something going on in her pastern area.

Next up was Sandy.  She did really well getting saddled up and was all around a very nice horse on the ground.

She is nicely trained to ride too and is going to make an awesome horse for someone.

After the evaluations was done it was on to grooming.  Butterfly had some knots in her mane…

…but before long all the knots were gone and her makeover was complete.  Butterfly was quite happy with her appearance.

Corey was long overdue for his makeover.  He’s not really keen about people messing with him.

His tail was a knotted matted mess.  Kirsty knew that the matted knot of dead hair and junk just had to go.

Before long his tail looked so much better and it’s still long enough to swat flies.

By this time Remmy had arrived at his new home.  His new mom was absolutely delighted to have her beautiful boy home at last.

Wifi, the baby donkey, got in a very playful mood.  He was giving his mom quite the harassment.  He is extremely playful, and Apple is extremely patient.  It is amazing that she is able to put up with this little guy.

Tawnee started videoing and you will want to watch the video!  The video was taken over a 10 minute period, and this is the highlights of the play time.  Both Apple and Wifi are available for adoption, so if you are interested in adopting them, please let us know.  To watch the video, click here.

Angel and Little Dee were enjoying some of the yummy donated treats from Freeman Arabian Ranch.

All the horses really enjoyed the yummy cookies, and we know yours would too.

Parcey really enjoyed the gourmet treats too.  If you would like to order some treats for your critters, click here.

The big truck and trailer finally arrived at the auction to pick up the first group of rescued horses.

The horses loaded up in the trailer.  Some of them looked a little bewildered about what was happening next.

Finally the first group was all loaded up and and were ready for their trip to the shelter.

After a long drive the truck and trailer arrived at the shelter long after closing.

One by one the horses unloaded.  They were happy to get their feet on solid ground after the long trip from the auction.

They were even happier to find there was yummy food and water waiting for them.

In the next blog we will introduce the auction horses.  Again we would like to thank each and every one of you who donated and helped with this auction rescue.