August Auction Rescue # 1

The first auction we attended in August was a great success thanks to your donations!  We saved 12 horses, we are so thankful that we were able to save so many precious lives at 1 auction.  Sunday the first group were transported to the shelter.

Monday found a volunteer rescue rig on the road once again bringing the second group to the shelter.

Tuesday morning Kirsty and Tawnee got busy evaluating the auction horses.  We wanted to have their information for you before we introduced them to you.

This is Bunny, a pony / saddlebred cross mare.  She is about 6 years old and 13 hands.

Bunny seems to know what the saddle and bridle are, but was a little confused about moving forward.  She is a very sweet pony overall and Kirsty will have her tuned up in no time.

This is Pallo, a beautiful Palomino Quarter Horse gelding.  He is about 4 years old and 14.1 hands tall.

During part of his evaluation Tawnee discovered that he knows how to bow.  He’s a pretty fancy boy!

He is trained to ride but is still green.  He seems to have some lameness or tenderness going on in his front hooves.  We put boots on to make him more comfortable and we are going to have the vet check him out to see what is going on.

This is Jazz, an Appy mare who is about 18 years old.  She is 15.3 hands tall.

Jazz is trained to ride and will most likely do best as a buddy trail horse as she really enjoys being with her friends.

This is Mystique.  We believe she is a Rocky Mountain / Appaloosa cross.  She is 1 1/2 years old and 14.1 hands tall.  She is gaited, you can see a video of her moving in the round pen by clicking here.

About this time Tawnee noticed that the lighting from the open windows wasn’t giving good lighting for the pictures, so she got hoisted up with the tractor and down came the windows.

And sure enough, the photos got a lot better.  This is Gypsy, a Thoroughbred mare who is 4 years old.  She is 16 hands tall.  She is only halter trained.  She does not have a tattoo and was never raced.

Meet Lucy, a Quarter Horse mare about 8 years old.  She is 15.1 hands tall.

She is trained to ride, but she may possibly have some lameness going on.  The vet will examine her to determine what is going on.

This is Mia, a Quarter Horse / Arabian cross mare, 15 hands tall, she has a deformed mouth and so her age isn’t readily determined.  She also seems to have some neurological problems.

This is Snicks, a Quarter Horse mare, 16 hands, 4 years old.  We believe that she was a brood mare, she is only halter trained.

Meet the old guy in his mid 20’s named Ranger.  He has some issues going on with his front right leg that is causing him a lot of pain.

You can see the large bump in his pastern.  It seems to be an old injury that didn’t heal right.

This is Gyma, a 15 year old Quarter Horse mare.  Gyma has a old broken hip and pretty much only has 3 legs to walk on.  Poor girl!  We paid as much for her as we paid for Lucy or any other horses her size.  That goes to show that there is definitely kill buyers in the audience when they bid up the price of an obviously broken down horse as they bid up a fine healthy flashy trained to ride young horse.  They get paid the same by the slaughter house whether the horse is sound or lame.

In this photo you can see how deformed her left hip is.  It’s definitely causing her a lot of pain, and we know there is only one humane option to end her suffering, and that is to give her the Last Act of Kindness.  We are so thankful she did not get on a slaughter truck and have to endure the multi-day trip only to be brutally killed.

This is Frida, a 14.3 hand Quarter Horse mare in her 20’s.  She seems to have some problems with her hind end that the vet will look at.

This is Sombra, a very nice 14.3 hand 4 year old stallion.  Since the time this young stallion came off the rescue rig, Russ (our ranch hand) has fallen in love with him and has decided to adopt him.  He will be gelded and will have a wonderful life with Russ.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for donating to the auction fund that made rescuing these precious horses possible.