There is a situation that has risen in the Olivehurst area that involves horses.  News10 came out and talked to us about our view of the situation, after it was made public when a marijuana seizure was done on the property.  To watch the News10 news clip, click here.

We have received a lot of video and photos from concerned individuals.  We put it together for those who are interested.  There are at least 6 horse carcass’ rotting on the ground in this video, and more parts scattered around, it is hard to determine how many dead horses are in this area.  To watch the video, click here.

The Appeal-Democrat also did a story about the situation.  To read their article, click here.

We believe it is clear that the owner of the dead horses in Olivehurst is not following California State Regulations – Deceased Animal Disposal Law:

Cal. Food & Agric. Code § 794.3.(e)
All dead animals shall be disposed of within 24 hours after death by movement to an approved reduction plant, by cremation, or by burial. (http://bit.ly/1kPmKjZ)

Please contact the following agencies and write them very respectfully asking them to follow through with this situation and make sure it’s fully investigated. Spell check your letter and make sure it is free of profanities, please be professional. Let them know you are writing about the large number of dead horses that are on the property in the 2400 block of Mage Ave, Olivehurst CA.

— Yuba County Environmental Health Department
Director: Tej Maan

–Yuba County Sheriff and Animal Control

District Attorney:
Patrick McGrath – pmcgrath@co.yuba.ca.us

Now to catch you up on what has been happening at the shelter this week.  Monday we had a trailer pull into the shelter.  We assumed that there was another horse being surrendered, but to our surprise there was something different in the trailer this time.

Something we have never had at the shelter before: Alpaca’s!

There were 4 of them, they are all so very adorable and cute.

Lydi got a lot of office paperwork done on Monday with all the new horses that came in from the auction.

In the evening when the sheep came in from the pasture they had a huge surprise waiting  for them.

The Alpaca’s were used to be around goats, so they wanted to be friendly, but the sheep were thinking these were the scariest monsters they had ever seen in their lives.  They soon settled down and were quite happy sharing their pen.

The truck and trailer made it back with the second group of Auction horses Monday evening.

The horses unloaded safely and were settled in for the night.

Tuesday morning the Alpaca’s bright eyed and wide awake.  They are so adorable!  The staff fell in love with them and they are going to be joining the shelter as permanent residents.

Tawnee and Kirsty worked evaluating all the auction horses and taking their intake photos.  If you missed that blog, click here.

Jason got the tractor going and got some much needed mowing done around the place.  It had rained the night before so it was a perfect day to get it done.

News 10 came to the shelter to find out what was going on at the Olivehurst situation since we received the footage and photos.

They got to work interviewing Tawnee and some of our horses were also filmed for the news clip.  In the news clip you will see some very fat, happy healthy looking horses that are at the shelter, which made the news story a little confusing.  Many of the Olivehurst horses do look fine, but the pile of dead horses in the back tell another story…

Thursday we had a different type of visitor come through the front door of the office, it was Bayo.

Bayo was leaving the shelter to go to his new home and he wanted to stop in, tell everyone bye, and get some reassurance that he was going to a great home.

When Bayo came to us he was a very bedraggled horse that had fractured withers.  He came from the Nevada slaughter auction and it is quite clear what his fate would have been if we didn’t rescue him.  To read his rescue story, click here.

Kirsty gave Bayo a big hug and told him everything was going to be OK in his new home and that she was going to miss him.

Tawnee told Bayo she was so thankful he wasn’t shipped to slaughter and told him to be a great horse for his new family and their 10 year old daughter.

Bayo got his adoption packet and was ready to go.

Russ told him that he was going with to make sure he settled in at his new home.

Bayo loaded very well and was waiting for the wind to blow through his mane.  Each mile was a mile closer to his forever home!

Tawnee got the vaccinations and wormers ready to get all the new auction horses vaccinated and wormed.

Most of the horses were good for their wormers and vaccines, even though they thought the wormer tasted disgusting.

Finally all the horses were done and there was quite the pile of garbage.

We are very happy that Max was adopted!  He is such a sweet old guy.

Bayo arrived safely at his new home.  His new dad was waiting for him with treats.

What a great adoption photo!  We know Bayo will be very happy in his new home.

On the way back to the shelter there was a pickup of a surrendered horse.   We would like you to meet Tiz a Daisy, a 6 year old off the track Thoroughbred mare.  She is nicely trained to ride.  She will be on the available page soon, unless someone puts a hold on her before we have a chance to get her up.

Tiz arrived safely at the shelter and was settled in to her waiting stall.  It was a long, busy week and we can’t thank you enough for making it successful!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to give your horse an extra hug.