Sunday morning Kirsty was working with Tanner.  He wasn’t quite sure about the flag but Kirsty assured him that it wasn’t going to eat him.

He also got acquainted with the blue tarp.  He did a great job and he is such a good boy.  He is a 1 1/2 year old, 14 hands tall Quarter Horse gelding.  He is going to be a big, beautiful boy for someone.

Russ was busy cleaning stalls.  He always does such a great job and has a smile on his face.

We had a visitor who wanted to spend some time with the horses so she groomed Patches.  Patches really enjoyed the grooming session and the visitor did too.

Princess was adopted to a great family!  The little girl was very excited to be taking her home, and from the look on her face you could tell she was thinking of all the fun Princess and her are going to have together.

Princess loaded right up in the trailer and headed to her home.  She is such a good girl.

In the med room Jason and a volunteer were looking at the cabinets.  They needed to be hung, and today was the day.

In short order the cabinets were all hanging nice and straight and the med room is much more organized now.

Then the volunteer got to work cleaning the surgery room.  It needed a good scrub down, and with a gelding coming right up, it will be nice to have it clean.

It’s amazing what a little work will do to make a room nice and clean again.

Another volunteer thought that Wifi would enjoy having some toys in his pen.  She and Tawnee hung them up.  Wifi and Apple stood staring at them.  Were those scary or what?

Wifi is still trying to decide if they are safe or scary, but we’re hoping that in no time at all he will be playing with them and giving his poor mom a break from all his energy.

It was a great Sunday and we hope that you all had a great weekend, thank you for your support too!