Some of you may remember this horse, Pirate, we rescued from the auction in April 2013.  To see that blog, click here.  He was very skinny when we rescued him from the auction but after coming to our shelter he started gaining his weight and looking great.  We found him a wonderful adoptive home and…

…we recently received an update from his adoptive mom.  She writes: “This is Ranger, when you saved him his name was Pirate. Ranger has been such a blessing in my life. He is a comical, and extremely sweet horse. We lost my mare that I had owned for ten years this summer, and he kept her and I company through a long leg injury we could not beat.He is my horsey future, and I cannot wait to start gymkhana on him, and cannot wait for the many great years we have ahead of us. I just wanted to say how thankful I am that your organization saved my boy. I know that I, my boyfriend and my family love him dearly and he has reached his forever home with us. I can never thank you enough for saving my Ranger boy from a fate that could have gone so badly at auction.”

He looks like a totally different horse and you can tell he is getting a lot of love and attention now.

We also got an update on Bayo, who was adopted last week from our shelter.  They write: “We just adopted our horse Bayo from the Horse Plus Humane Society. Today is his second day and he has settled into his new home with his new girlfriend Gidget. Many things to the horse plus humane Society for the great work that they do in saving these animals. Bayo is so happy an extremely grateful and loves his new 5 acre home ranch, his new horse find Gidget and now has the love of a little 10 year old girl and a wonderful family.”


We also got an update from Remmy’s mom.  She says “Such A Sweet & Smart Boy!! I’m Head Over Heals In Love!!! He’s so sweet & smart. Will do anything I ask because he LOVES HIS COOKIES lolol. Everyone here is falling in love with Remmy & I’m the Luckiest ‘Mid-Lifer’ Ever!!”  Thanks so much for giving him such a great home, he looks so happy with you.


Monday at the shelter was an odd weather day.  It was thundering, lightning, and pouring rain from time to time.  It was all around a weird weather day.

Some Araucana roosters were surrendered at the shelter.  They were supposed to be hens, but they turned out to be boys and they were harassing the hens too much and they couldn’t stay in their home.

We would like you to meet Tomly.  He’s a cute little guy.

We would also like you to meet Samson, a nice good looking boy.

A trailer pulled into the shelter with a horse for the Last Act of Kindness program.  Recently one of our Facebook followers stated that we seem to take the Last Act of Kindness program lightly.  We don’t take humane euthanasia lightly, but the Last Act of Kindness program is an extremely important program that keeps horses out of the slaughter pipeline and gives owners a humane option who cannot afford the high price of euthanasia and disposal.  We have operated our Last Act of Kindness program since 2008.  Most rescues do not provide humane end of life services for horses, and just tell desperate owners “Sorry, we cannot take your  horse.”  With the cost of euthanasia and disposal well over $500 in most places, a lot of horse owners find themselves financially unable to do what is right for their beloved horse, this is one of the reasons so many elderly horses are dumped at auctions.  We provide this program on a national level where people can contact us and we will help cover the cost.

Freckles, the horse surrendered above, is 32 years old and is suffering from cancer.  She has cancerous tumors covering her body and her owner knew it was time to say “Goodbye” to relieve her constant suffering.

Wifi is starting to enjoy playing with his toys in his pen. His mommy looks so relieved.  They are so adorable!

By evening feeding time the sun was out and the clouds were all gone.  It was nice to get the rain as it is so badly needed.

Thank you all for your support!