Tuesday morning found Russ reaching out of the break room window.  He had been eyeing some grapes that were growing right out the window, and today was harvest day.

They looked great and tasted absolutely delightful.  He enjoyed sharing them with the other staff too.  What a wonderful treat.

It was vet day and we had a member of the community come with her cat who needed to be examined by the vet.

After the vet was done looking at the cat he started examining the horses at the shelter.  All the auction horses were evaluated.

This is Pallo getting checked out.  His hooves were examined carefully and the vet made a plan for his hoof care with Jessica who was busy trimming other horses.

Jessica got to work on Pallo, who was a good boy for it all.

Once all the horses outside were done, Apple was put into the chute.  Tawnee had a suspicion that she could be pregnant, and after the palpation the vet gave us the news she is about 4 months pregnant.  That puts Wifi at about 5 months old the vet says.

Out in the front office Annie’s adopter had arrived and was busy signing her adoption papers.  She is so happy to be adding Annie to her family, a huge congratulations goes to them both.

While Annie was being adopted, the vet and some of the staff was busy in the surgery room with Sombra’s gelding operation.  Before he knew it, the operation was all over and Sombra just couldn’t figure out why he felt a little different.

Wifi was also given the news by the vet that he was old enough to geld.  He wasn’t keen about hearing that news at all.

After he was gelded, and while he was still sleeping, Jessica got his hooves trimmed too.

When he finally got on his feet he looked quite sad and displeased with the whole ordeal.  It really put a crimp in the plans he had for the day.

Annie’s adoptive family donated a lot of tack, and after all the vet work was over Kirsty and Russ got to work sorting it out and putting it in the tack room.

Jessica was still busy trimming horses.  She was finally getting the last trim of the day done, who was Isabel.  She came to us with very long hooves, but with her third trim at the shelter they are starting to get real nice.

Up in the front office a different type of critter was put up for adoption.  Russ is a lifelong professional wood carving artist, and one of his favorite carvings are beautiful wooden animals.  Russ has made this one available as a fundraiser to help the living animals at the shelter.

The adoption fee for this beautiful big cat is $500, it would look great pretty much anywhere.  If you are interested in adopting this big cat, please contact us.  You will get an amazing piece of magnificent art, and will help the animals at the shelter all at the same time.  To contact us, click here.

After closing time Jason and Russ hit the road to go pick up a horse who had been previously adopted from us, but sadly, could not longer stay with her owner due to unforeseen circumstances.

This is Tesla, formerly known as Jasmine.  Her owner was very sad to see her go, she loved her so much.

We rescued Tesla in 2011, she was a poor skinny gaunt horse.  To read the blog where she was rescued, click here.

She was very loved in her adoptive home and as they pulled away, it was clear to see she was going to miss her adoptive mom.

She arrived safely at the shelter and unloaded like the good girl she is.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago this was Tesla’s condition when we rescued her.  She was only 12 years old in this picture.

What a change!

Thank you all for your support each day, both financial and emotional!