Wednesday Layla had a potential adopter coming out to look at her.

Layla did her best to impress her potential mom with all the things she has learned at the shelter.  She even showed off that tarps are not scary at all!  All of Kirsty’s hard work really did good as Layla wasn’t really halter trained when we rescued her from the auction.

Layla’s potential mom was very impressed with her and put her in adoption pending.

The lady who put Layla in adoption pending is very excited about adopting her, but her daughter is even more excited.  She drew this little picture to try and convince her mom that adopting Layla is the best thing to do.  It’s so adorable!

Animal Control pulled into the shelter parking lot.  Inside the trailer was a horse that was being transferred to us.

This is a very skinny Arab mare.  They had been working on the case and finally got it resolved.

Poor girl is so skinny!  Our vet is going to examine her and give her a quality of life assessment.

Animal Control also brought a bunch of feed!  We are always so thankful when Animal Control’s transfer some extra feed when they transfer a horse to our organization.

We got the call that a horse was colicking and needed a ride to the vet.  Jason and Russ headed out to help this poor boy in need and he arrived at the vet safely and is now under medical care.

Back at the shelter Pallo had a potential adopter looking at him too.  They just want a horse they can love, even if he is never sound and ridable, that’s OK with them.  They are submitting their application and are anxiously waiting to hear the results.

A potential adopter looked at Tesla, and put her in adoption pending.  That is 3 horses in adoption pending in 1 day!

Thank you all for your support!