Thursday morning a big truck and trailer was backing up to the big barn.  All the critters at the shelter would have been excited if they knew what was inside.

When they were finished backing up the doors were opened and 12.5 tons of cubes were unloaded with the walking floor.

Before long they were all unloaded and ready to be fed to the critters.  This load cost $4068.50 delivered.  It should last a little over a month.  We definitely go through a lot of feed here at the shelter.  These are the Alfalfa / Oat cubes, which are soft and easy for the animals to eat compared to pure alfalfa cubes.  We have had extremely good luck with these cubes, and compared to hay they are quite a bit cheaper and we always know we are getting great quality feed with no mold or weeds.

It seemed like no time at all and the truck and trailer were waiting to leave.

They had to wait for a pilot car as the road was being worked on once again.  The pilot car finally came and they headed off down the road.

One of the big chores for the day was getting the round pen busted back into being a nice soft area once again.  With all the work Kirsty does with horses, and with watering it to keep the dust down, over time it turns into a concrete like substance.

After the tractor ripped it up it was decided to add some rice hulls to the ground to hopefully keep the dirt from compacting so much.

The round pen’s overhaul had to halt as a potential adopter was looking at Mystique.  The guy had lost his horse that had been his companion for 28 years.  He had been with her from when she was born until he said “Goodbye” as she was passing away.

He really liked Mystique and decided to put her in adoption pending.  He is going to submit his application and is hoping for the best.

Up in the office Lydi got a surprise.  Parcey and Kirsty stopped in to say “Hello.”  Working in the office is the least fun you can have at the shelter, everyone else is out working with critters and you’re just stuck talking on the phone and doing paperwork.  Lydi enjoyed the surprise visit.

Parcey was getting another fly treatment and getting fitted with a new fly sheet.  It was put on him just to make sure it will fit.  He stood there like “Oh boy, here we go again.”

Shadow was also going to get her fly treatment too.  They both hung out in the barn for awhile.

We have a new helper at the shelter, we would like you to meet Matthew.  He has been helping out recently and will be joining our staff.  Matthew worked hard rotor tilling the rice hulls into the round pen dirt.

After rotor tilling round and round it was finally all done.  He did an absolutely great job.  Thank you so much Matthew!

Kirsty was more than anxious to get in and test out the new footing.  Dutch was the first one to get worked.  Kirsty says the footing in the round pen is the best it’s ever been.

Jason stopped in to say “Hi” to Parcey and Shadow.  Parcey enjoyed his visit, Shadow wasn’t quite so friendly.

Kirsty took advantage of having the cows in the barn and worked with getting some of the horses less scared of cows.  Tiz a Daisy thought the large deformed horses were absolutely disgusting, stinky and very scary.

Joesy, the horse transferred from Animal Control, was not impressed by Tiz’s behavior.  They’re just cows!

Tiz a Daisy is a very beautiful 6 year old mare.  Her coloring is spectacular.

She is trained to ride, but she needs a little tuneup work.  Probably her trainer skipped a few steps after she came off the track.

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful mare please contact us.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to give your critters an extra hug!