Sunday a trailer pulled into the shelter shortly after the gates were opened.  There were two horses inside to be surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program.  They are both older horses and their owners knew it was time.  Their owners told us they didn’t want them suffering through the coming winter.

Russ got the horses settled into nice stalls.  Russ and Matthew are doing a great job keeping the stalls very very nice.

Jason got the rescue rig all hooked up and headed out.

Before too long he arrived at his destination.  3 Mustangs were being surrendered to the shelter because their owner could no longer keep them.

They weren’t halter trained the best, so Jason backed up to the waiting chute and with some coaxing they got in the trailer.

The horses rode safely in the trailer to the shelter, where Jason backed up to the unloading chute.  Russ couldn’t wait to meet the new horses he will be caring for.

One by one they hopped out of the trailer.

They were a little hesitant to go into their waiting pen, but before long they decided it wasn’t scary walking into a shadow and they went right in.

Thank you all for your support!