Monday morning volunteers Jim and Laura were heading out to attend an auction and pick up an owner surrender.

The resident Alpaca’s continue to amuse and entertain the staff here at the shelter.  They love eating their yummy food, and make a lot of really cute noises while they are eating.  It’s hilarious!

From time to time they determine that due to excessive playing and roughhousing they have gotten too clean, so they take nice dirt baths to make sure their coats are dull and dirty.

Jim and Laura arrived at the auction yard, hoping to find horses there, but there were no horses being sold.  That is a good thing!  Auctions are never a good place for any animal to end up.

Back at the shelter everyone was busy.  There was potential adopters looking at Tiz, and Mystique’s adoptive dad came out to spend more time with her.

Mystique’s dad is really excited about adopting her and is also considering adopting another one too.

The potential adopters looking at Tiz had a sad situation.  They rescued a skinny horse from a bad situation, and then after she was rehabbed found out she was pregnant and about to give birth.  She gave birth, but then her health started failing.  They spent a lot of money trying to save her, then it was discovered that she had a terminal medical problem and she passed away, leaving a 4 month old orphan foal.  They need a horse to be the foals companion and a horse that will work for their family too.

They really liked Tiz and decided that she would be a great addition to their family.  They put a hold on her, and we told them we will get their application done as soon as possible.  If she doesn’t accept the baby as a companion she could come back and we will try to match up a more motherly horse.

Wifi was put in adoption pending!  He will be weaned soon and then he will be adopted.

We introduced Dottie to Wifi and Apple.  When it is weaning time Dottie can be Wifi’s companion so the weaning process won’t be so hard.

Jim and Laura arrived back at the shelter with the owner surrender.

This is Duchess, an older horse who’s owner was no longer able to keep her.  She rescued Duchess to get her out of a bad situation, but wasn’t able to keep her long term.

We believe she may have some DLSD problems and will have her checked out.

Duchess was happy to get into her waiting stall and settle in for her first evening at the shelter.

Tuesday morning Kirsty was working with Hattie.  She is doing so good with her lessons.

When Kirsty first introduced the tarp to Hattie, she wasn’t sure about it at all.  Then she realized it matches her eyes and now she thinks it’s quite stylish.

It was a big day for Hattie as it was time for her first ride!  She did really good but was very confused about having a person sitting on her back.

All of Kirsty’s ground work really paid off for her, and Hattie didn’t buck or spook and was very relaxed.

Mika and Tesla (in adoption pending) were going to get some special grooming done for some before and after photos.

We had some very nice visitors come out to the shelter, they really enjoyed meeting all the animals.  They made a very generous donation to help us.  We can’t thank them enough!

The Alpaca’s tried to thank the visitors too by cute hums and curious looks.

Tesla was up first for her fashion photography.

Telsa came to us back in 2011 (for that story, click here.)  We rescued her from an auction and she was so sad and bedraggled.  We thought she was a lot older, but found that she was only 12 years old then.

Today Tesla looks like an absolutely gorgeously stunning horse.  It’s hard to believe that three years ago she was near the point of death due to pure neglect.  Those days are long behind her now.

Mika came to us July 15th.  She was transferred to us by Animal Control.  She was very bony, her hips and spine were protruding and her ribs were showing.

In a little over a month she is looking amazing.  She is doing so much better!

Friendly Frank also was transferred the same time Mika was.  He too was skinny and ribby.  You can read their rescue blog by clicking here.

Friendly Frank is looking great!  It’s amazing what food and love will do for a horse!

We would like to thank everyone who supports us, giving us the ability to rescue horses and give them amazing transformations to their lives.