Wednesday morning Tiz was getting ready for her big day.  She was going to be adopted and going to her new family!

She arrived safely at her destination.  She was wide eyed, wondering where she was.

She was actually heading to a vet office where her new family was waiting for her.  Her new dad was so excited to see her and posed for a great adoption photo with her.

Along with being a family horse, Tiz is going to be a companion for her family’s 4 month old foal who lost its mother at the vet office a few days ago.  They said “Hi” over the partition between the stalls.

The vet is going to work on introducing them so when the foal is ready to go home the foal will already be friends with Tiz and life won’t be so scary.

Tawnee stopped by Tractor Supply to get some fencing for the shelter.

It was nice to they were able to use the forklift to put it all into the trailer.

Back at the shelter Russ was busy getting the quarantine pen ready for the next group of auction horses.  It looks so great!

Once the big trailer got back to the shelter Matthew got busy unloading the fencing panels.

A visitor at the shelter really enjoyed giving carrots out to some of the critters.  Dottie really enjoyed the yummy carrots.

Tawnee really enjoys taking sunset silhouettes of horses, but couldn’t resist taking this really cute picture of a couple Alpaca’s.

Thursday morning as usual the roosters were up very early crowing their hearts out.

Kirsty got a lot of office work done, including updating the available page on our website and other things.

She also got a coloring system done for the available book that sits on the front desk for people to look through.

Russ and Matthew were busy cleaning stalls and putting down new bedding.

We have enjoyed having Matthew at our shelter, he has been a really good volunteer.

Thank you all for your support!