Sunday we had 8 animals being transferred from an Animal Control to our shelter.  Kirsty was all smiles as she was carrying the crates into the office.

There were 4 bunnies being transferred to the shelter.

They were so cute and curious about what was happening.

They settled right in their cages and were so delighted with the carrots.

4 roosters (one not pictured) were also transferred from the Animal Control.  We also had 9 more roosters surrendered from different individuals.

Mystique was quite pleased with herself.  Her new dad came to see her and today was the big day that she was being adopted and taken to her new home.

Two horses were also surrendered into our hardship program, one for the Last Act of Kindness program, and the other one needs to be evaluated for quality of life due to some lameness problems.

This big guy is named Troy.  He is a 12 year old PMU draft.  He came up lame recently and his owner was afraid that it might be a chronic problem.  She was unable to have a vet check him out, so our vet will be evaluating him to determine the cause of his lameness.

We also had 4 yearlings surrendered to our shelter.  They were no longer able to stay in their current home so they were surrendered to us.  It was a very busy Sunday with a total of 6 horses surrendered, 4 rabbits and 13 roosters.  23 animals came through the open doors in 1 day!

Another horse was surrendered a few days ago but didn’t make it in the blog.  At first he was going to be unloaded in the front parking lot, but after learning of his condition…

…the trailer was directed around back closer to the stalls.

This horse has what appears to be a locked stifle, and his leg is stuck.  We are really hoping that we can help this poor guy.  He was surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program, but we are hoping our vet will be able to recommend a treatment program. We took a small video of him hobbling to his stall you will want to see.  Click here. 

  Thank you all for your support!