Monday morning Russ was busy feeding and caring for the animals.  He had a bucket of cracked corn for the chickens, and seeing no large animals in sight, he set it down.  He came back a few minutes later and found Parcey devouring the corn.

Parcey had a guilty look with his mouth full of corn.  Silly boy, he was caught red handed in the cookie bucket.

The yearlings that were surrendered Sunday are all settled in and were enjoying their breakfast.

Wyatt, the horse with the locked stifle, was going to be evaluated by the vet.  We feel really sorry for this poor boy, his stifle is literally locked in place, and everywhere he goes he has to hop and drag his back leg along.

Tawnee gave him lots of grooming and attention, you can see from the look on his face he was entirely enthralled with it all.

All the scratching and rubbing had his lips twitching back and forth with delight.

Russ had to get in on the grooming action too.  Wyatt is so full of expressions.

Lydi, in the office, was piled down with the paperwork with over 20 animals being surrendered the day before.  She was out of the office on Sunday and had a lot to catch up on.  It’s amazing how much paperwork is created.

The vet arrived and looked at a lot of the horses, including Troy. The vet believes that he does not have a bowed tendon, but has something else going on that may be fixable.

Next Wyatt was evaluated.  The vet was amazed on how locked his stifle is.

It was decided that Wyatt would need to be put completely under for a full evaluation and to try and unlock the stifle.

Once Wyatt was sleeping peacefully the vet got to work twisting and pulling, trying to get the stifle unlocked.

Not matter how hard the vet tried, his leg was still locked in place.  The vet said it didn’t look good at all for Wyatt and it may be that his leg was fused in that position.

But, after Wyatt woke up from the sedation, to everyone’s surprise he walked normally for about 20 feet.

Then, his leg locked up again.  Everyone was saddened.  We are going to work with Wyatt to see if the treatment plan the vet made up after realizing that Wyatt can walk normal will work for him.

Thank you all for your support!  We can’t thank you enough for donating the needed funds to care for the animals at the shelter just like Wyatt.