Tuesday morning the 7 roosters who were not shown being surrendered on Sunday were all settled in.  They all enjoy their crowing chorus every morning.  We believe the little guy in the front is the chorus director.

The Alpacas are turning out to be great desensitizers for some of the horses.  Most of the horses are not afraid of them, they just want to meet them and are very curious.

Hattie was enjoying playing with the hose.  She was having quite the time enjoying the nice cool water.

Troy, the draft boy, is settling in nicely.  He is such a huge horse.  Kirsty has nicknamed him “The Elephant.”

Kirsty worked with some of the yearlings that came to our shelter.  They haven’t had a whole lot of work done with them, so she is refreshing the halter/leading lessons that they have had before.

Jessica came out to get some horses trimmed.  She did a great job and we really appreciate her hard work.

The bunnies were going to be adopted by one of our volunteers, and Kirsty was going to be delivering them halfway to their new home.

They were wide eyed, and full of curiosity in their own individual travel cages.  We are so happy for them all.

One of the roosters has discovered that the big yellow flowers have produced nice yummy sunflower seeds.

He stands up there for hours picking one seed out at a time.  He has not told this secret to any of the other roosters yet, no doubt he is planing on enjoying them all to himself.

Wyatt, out in the barn, was having a glorious time torturing the roosters.  Right when they would get up on the rail to perch for the night, he would hop over to them to say “Hello” and send them squawking off in fright.  He thought it was a hilarious game.

A couple of our volunteers arrived after dark with a horse that had to be surrendered to the shelter.  She has some health problems and we are going to have her checked out to make sure she is OK.

Russ had a nice stall ready and waiting for her.  It had fresh water and food for her first night at the shelter.

Thank you all for your support!