We have had a very busy weekend, usually we are closed on holidays, but since so many people had the weekend off and wanted to come to the shelter, we were open.  We are closed on holidays except in unusual circumstances.

Layla was adopted and taken to her new home.  Her and her new mom were all smiles.

Jim and Laura headed to an auction to see if there were any horses, or other animals, that needed to be rescued.

A horse was surrendered, Harlee, she is a 21 year old, retired cutting horse.  Recently her personality changed and she has become very aggressive.  It is believed that she may have a medical reason this is happening, we are going to have her checked out.

They also donated some bags of feed along with Harlee.  We really appreciate it!

Shari, our long time volunteer and lead auction rescuer, came up to the shelter one last time before heading to Oklahoma.  We are really sad to see her go, but she is hoping to be able to start a branch shelter in Oklahoma.  She said some long “Goodbyes” to some of the horses she rescued at the auctions, and in their eyes you could see their love for her too.

Meanwhile Jim and Laura were at the auction and were able to rescue 9 animals!  3 horses, 1 pony mule, 1 miniature colt, and 4 goats.  They got back to the shelter late at night, and the horses were quite ready to unload onto solid ground.

The horses settled into their waiting pen.

The mini mule is quite the handsome guy with broad stripes on his legs.  We are going to call him Gus.

Frosty is a poor little miniature foal, we believe that he was probably separated from his mother and dumped at the auction.  It is very sad.

One of the goats rescued from the auction was so sickly that it passed away on the way to the shelter.  It is really horrible that auctions take animals in horrible condition.  These animals are abused to a felony level and are dumped at auctions.  Animals, especially farm animals, have so few voices and law enforcement willing to enforce the laws for them.

The three remaining goats were so happy to see some food waiting for them to start filling their starving bellies.  One of the goats you can see is so skinny.  These three goats are named, from left to right, Tama, Sprite, and Jasmine.

Sunday the 3 horses got their photos taken.  This is an approximately 2 year old mare, she is halter trained and very sweet.  Her name is Carla.

This mare we believe may be related to Carla, they are 1 auction number off from each other and very similar in body builds, possibly mother and daughter.  This pretty girl is named Celine.  She is 5-6 years old.

This is Snow White, we believe she is in her late teens, she is also a very pretty girl.

Sunday was going to be a very busy day with a large group of volunteers coming from Home at Last.  Wifi was a little down as he doesn’t enjoy being weaned, and to top it off, his mom was going to be adopted.  We told him that Dottie is going to be a great companion for him.  He didn’t believe it.

The volunteers arrived and started getting checked in.  They are a group that Home at Last brought over as they wanted an outing to a different horse welfare organization.  They were looking for a very special horse for a very special little girl.  They also brought some of their foster homes that had openings for another lucky horse or two.

The lucky little girl absolutely fell in love with Patches.  He is such a wonderful horse and it is a perfect match.

She was so excited!  Patches liked the idea of all the grooming and massages he will get.

The volunteers were hard at work cleaning the mare motel.  We really appreciate their help, they did an awesome job.  We really appreciate them coming out and helping so much.

Frosty got lots of attention too.  He was so shy at first, but then realized that these humans seemed to be pretty nice after all.

As you can see, the parking lot was filled up.  It was such an incredibly busy day.

This is Sara, and she was surrendered.  She is a 6 year old Mustang mare that was adopted from the BLM.  She has been started with 30 days professional training, but it’s been awhile.  Kirsty will be evaluating her and continuing her training.

An approved adopter came to the shelter.  Her friend had recently adopted from us, and now she was ready for her horse.  She really fell  in love with Sandy and was so happy to be adopting her.  She wasn’t able to take her home Sunday as transportation arrangements had to be made, but she was so excited.

Another group of visitors came to tour the shelter.  They brought a bunch of carrots and apples for the critters at the shelter.  One of the girls had never even touched a horse before, and she loved petting Phoenix.  She also got to pet Parcey later, and that was the first time she had ever pet a cow too.

Another potential adopter stopped by to see the available horses.  They really fell in love with Bunny and put her in adoption pending.

Apple was transferred to Home at Last.  One of their foster homes had room for a sweet donkey and Apple was the lucky girl.

Gracey was being transferred to Home at Last too.  They really thought she would blend in well with their herd and they had an opening for her.

Then, the little girl with her dream horse Patches walked up the alleyway.

Patches loaded right up, he is such a sweet boy and we are going to miss him.  He has come so far from the day he walked off the trailer with his extremely long hooves.  You can watch a video about his first trim by clicking here.

It was a very busy for everyone at the shelter, but at 5:00 Tawnee’s day still wasn’t over.  The big trailer was hooked up and she was getting ready to head over to Trinity Horse Refuge to move some of their more challenging residents.

When Tawnee arrived at Trinity Horse Refuge the sun was close to setting.

When they were loaded up the sun was slipping behind the hills.

They arrived safely at the new refuge property after dark and unloaded safely into their waiting pens.  They all settled in nicely and Tawnee was happy to help.

August has been a very busy month at the shelter!  A total of 69 animals came through our open doors: 42 horses, 13 roosters, 4 alpacas, 4 rabbits, 4 goats 1 mule and 1 sheep.  We would like to thank you for your support, we couldn’t have done it without you!