Monday Shadow was relaxing under one of the big trees, a true California Happy Cow.

Parcey enjoys hanging out under the tree with Shadow too.  They are both so cute.

It was Sandy’s big day as she was being adopted!  Her mom posed for a great adoption photo with her.

Sandy took one last look from out of the trailer.  Be a good girl Sandy in your new home!

Kirsty was busy working with Dutch.  She covered him with a tarp, and he began smelling it, wondering what it was.

Kirsty had the tarp all over him, and he began to think it was some kind of a game or something.

The bag on the antenna was the next desensitizing exercise.  He thought maybe he was supposed to touch the bag and kept trying.

Pretty soon he gave up and waited for Kirsty to show him what to do next.  He is such a good boy and coming along so well with his lessons.

Frosty, the little baby mini, is doing great.  He is learning that carrots taste really good.  Sunday he learned that apples tasted good, and then he learned that carrots are good too.

Jason worked on fencing, getting the shelter safer for the animals and humans.

Tuesday the goats were enjoying a nice yummy salt block.  They are doing better and you can tell their strength is returning to them.

Kirsty worked with the auction horses.  Celine is halter trained, but not saddle trained and Carla is not halter trained.  Snow White (pictured) is trained to ride.

Kirsty believes she may have been a dressage horse, she did very well and will probably be best for an intermediate rider or better.

Gus, the mini mule, is realizing that the humans around the shelter are actually pretty nice.  He was scared when he first came to the shelter but is settling down so well.

Dutch got another lesson Tuesday.  Kirsty was teaching him to lower his head and give to pressure.  He is a real good student and is learning his lessons well.

She also gave him the first sensation of having a cinch on him.

He did really great and trotted around with it no problem.  No doubt he is wondering what Kirsty is going to come up with next for him.

Kirsty also worked with the yearlings that were recently surrendered.  They are doing good, and since it was a hot day, she decided to teach them about water.  This one really enjoyed playing in the hose.

Thank you all for your support!