Nevada Auction Rescue

We received information about a large number of horses being sold in Nevada at a slaughter auction.  There were various reports of anywhere from 50 – 80 horses.  We were told that a man had been arrested and sent to prison, and that all of his horses were going to be sold at an auction where killer buyers circle like vultures.  Our lead rescuers Jim and Laura hit the road early to get to the auction.  They were told that cattle would be selling first and the horses would be selling at the end of the auction.

When they arrived at the auction they found that the horses were being sold first, which was a surprise, but that thankfully there were only about 20 horses, not the 50-80 that the initial reports had been.  Some of the horses had already sold by the time they arrived.  The man’s father was at the auction buying all the horses he could to save them from shipping to slaughter and keep them in the family.  Sadly he couldn’t save them all.

Thanks to your donations we were able to save 3 very precious lives from shipping to slaughter.  We wanted to save more, but the auction had told us that the horses were selling after cattle, but instead they ran them through first.  We’re not sure why they didn’t want bidders at the auction bidding on the horses, but as is often the case, the auctions are best friends with killer buyers and don’t want rescues interfering with the kill buyers profits.

Meet the 3 horses that were saved thanks to you.  This is a beautiful Percheron stallion that is very sweet and friendly.  To watch a short video of the Percheron walking by and loading, click here.

These are two other stallions, a Paint stallion and a blue roan stallion.  They seem to be leery of humans.

The horses all loaded up safely, we felt sorry for them.  It had been a very rough time for them at the auction.

They arrived safely at the quarantine facility where they will await their coggins and paperwork.  As soon as that is done we will get more information up about them and more photos.

Thank you to each and every one of you who donated to save these precious lives from shipping to slaughter.  As there are some leftover funds, we will be using them to rescue and care for horses at other auctions as soon as possible.  Thank you so much!