Wednesday we had a horse being surrendered.  Her owner could no longer keep her and she was so thankful we are an open door shelter.

We would like you to meet Kachina.  She is a 4 year old Canadian Warmblood / Quarter Pony.  She is 15 hands tall and is broke to ride, but still a little green.  She has a great disposition.  She has been on a few trail rides and done great we are told.  What a beautiful horse!

Thursday morning our rescue team headed to Nevada to rescue horses.  If you didn’t see that blog, click here.

Wifi was being adopted.  We are all sad to see the cute little guy leaving, but adoptions are what we are all about.

Before long Wifi was delivered and unloaded at his new home.  He lives at a really great place and we are so happy for him.

Back at the shelter we had two roosters being surrendered.  They were put into our holding cages until evening so they could be released after dark.  That way they just go into roosting and wake up, thinking they are home.  It is the best way to introduce new roosters to the shelter we have found.

Tawnee and a volunteer had a call to pick up 3 horses who’s owner had died.  The people responsible for the horses after their owners death were so thankful.  They had made so many calls, and we were the only organization that could take them.  They didn’t know what they would do if we couldn’t take them.

Before long the horses were unloading at the shelter.

This is Eva, a very pretty paint mare.  We believe she is around 6-7 years old.

This is Walter, he is an older paint gelding that has some hind end issues.

This is Reba, an older mare who was most likely a brood mare most of her life.

Late Saturday night our rescue team was at an auction.  Finally the auction was over, and 8 lives were rescued thanks to donations from people just like you!  In the first load they were able to haul 5 horses.  They didn’t get to the shelter until 4:00 am!  They were very tired, but happy the horses were safe at the shelter.

The horses no doubt were very tired too after enduring their long ordeal.  When the trailer door was opened they had a sad, bedraggled look to them.

They were happy to get out onto solid ground and head down the alleyway to the quarantine holding area.

We would like to introduce these horses to you.  This is Leeza, a QH type mare.

This is Sam, he is also a QH type gelding.  This poor guy is pretty thin and needs some groceries.

Meet Twila, a 2 year old QH mare.

This is Zuri, she is a yearling filly that has some pretty bad lameness problems.  We are going to see if we can get to the bottom of what is going on.

Smeda is a cute mare.

The one thing that was a bonus about being up at 4:00 am was the moon was absolutely spectacular.  The last group of horses from the auction will be in the next blog so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the auction fund, you made rescuing 11 horses in the 48 hours from 2 different auctions across 2 states possible!  You are truly the horses heroes!