Monday Jason was out trying to load up 5 miniature horses we were told are wild.

He finally got them corralled next to the open trailer door.  The oldest stallion, who was in the best shape, was the first one to hop into the trailer.  He wanted to get out of there!

The condition of some of them is appalling.  Miniature horses are very easy to keep weight on, to see this guy with a body score of 1 is sickening.  He is not this way because he is old with failing health, he is only about 3 years old, he is this way because his owners chose to make him this way.

The littlest one, about 2 years old, is extremely stunted.  They all have large bloated parasite filled bellies.

They arrived safely at the shelter.  It was pretty easy to see that the oldest stallion wasn’t wild, but was, in fact, easy to handle and friendly.

They all unloaded off the trailer.

We were told the oldest stallion, in the middle, is the father of the 3 younger stallions, the mother is the sorrel on the left.

The poor little guy who is stunted is so sad looking.  We are going to name him Munchie.

He was trying to trot to keep up with his mother…

…but then collapsed from sheer exhaustion.  He has had a really rough life, we wish we could tell him that life is going to be OK and filled with yummy food and good clean water from here on out.

After getting to his feet, Tawnee tried to assure him that everything is going to be OK.  He has a long fluffy coat, so it’s hard to see his spine, ribs and hip bones protruding from his underweight body, but they can easily be felt under his hair.

This is Breezy, the mare.  We are assuming she is pregnant as she has been running with 4 stallions.

Breezy also has visible spine and hip bones.  She also has a flaky skin condition going on as well.

This is Knight, the oldest stallion.  He is halter trained.  He seems to have been eating most of what little food their was.

This is Kody, about 5 years old and a stallion.

Kody’s spine and hip bones are also protruding.

This little guy is named Radar.  He is the most emaciated of them all.  His condition is heart wrenching.

He is the skinniest mini we have ever seen.

His bones are so pronounced on his body.  He definitely didn’t get this way overnight.

After their intake photos were done they headed to their waiting stalls.

It’s really sad to see them in this condition, but now they are going to get the top notch care they so desperately need.

Right after the mini’s got settled Jim and Laura arrived with the second group of horses from Saturday night’s auction.

The horses were all bright eyed, waiting to see what new adventures are coming their way.

The door swung opened and this big guy hopped on out.

We don’t have their ages and information yet, but we will get that to you soon.  We are going to name this guy Vidal.

This big guy is named Atlas.  We believe he is a warmblood cross.

This guy is named Dandy.

Please remember the little mini’s and stay tuned to the blog for their (hopefully) amazing recovery.

 Thank you all for your support!