A lot has happened since our last blog, but we’ll get you caught up.

The Nevada Auction Rescue horses are at the shelter!  Mavi and Fenti (the paint) headed down the unloading chute to their waiting stall.

This big Percheron Stallion also headed to his waiting stall.  His name is Golem.

Angel, the blind horse, got to meet Wyatt on one of his walks.  His locked stifle is doing much better now that he has had injections and it hardly causes him any trouble at all.  The vet is really hopeful that he will grow out of it and be just fine since he is still so young.  Angel was quite pleased to make his acquaintance.

We had a rooster surrendered at the shelter.  We would like you to meet Mister.

Jessica was out getting some trimming done at the shelter.  Breezy had a lot of hoof trimmed off her front.

Her back hooves are in the worst condition, the vet says it will take several trims to get them where they should be.

All the mini’s also got their shots, deworming and microchipping done too.

Now all the minis are up to date on their shots and also have their hooves trimmed.  Radar is doing well and we believe we can see a difference from when he first came to us, he’s not so ribby now.

He enjoyed a nice grooming session too.  He is such a sweet boy and just soaks up all the attention.

We sent a packet of their vet reports to Butte County Animal Control, we are hoping that they will press criminal charges against the prior owners of the minis.

We had a very busy vet day at the shelter.  The paint stallion from Nevada has a rescue that is wanting to transfer him, and so he was first to be gelded.  He is completely wild and unhandled so he had to be sedated in the chute before he could be gelded.

After sedation he was rolled onto the custom equine gurney.

Then he was wheeled into our surgery room.

Before long he was resting comfortably and ready for his surgery.

Before he knew it he was in a recovery stall, wondering why he felt so groggy and strange.

The Percheron stallion was next.  He was led into the surgery room, which started looking quite small.

He is one giant horse!  The room that seems plenty big most of the time now seemed to be on the small side.

Golem’s gelding surgery went well and he slept quite peacefully through it all.

Finally his surgery was completed and he was waking up.  Golem has 3 separate homes lined up for him, we’re sure that one will adopt him.

Next it was the mini’s turn to get gelded.  They were quite a bit easier than the great big guys and the surgery room was plenty big once again.

One after another their geldings were done successfully.

Jason and Munchie had some man to man talk before Munchie was put under.  He is such a cute little guy.  He has an approved home lined up and is in adoption pending.  Radar was also gelded, making a total of 6 stallions gelded in 1 day.

By the time the vet was done we had visitors at the shelter looking at horses to adopt.  They really fell in love with Kachina, we will not be at all surprised if we get an adoption hold and adoption application for her soon.

Thank you all for your support!