Our blog is a little behind since we rescued the 23 horses, but a lot has been going on at the shelter.  We have been extra busy making details reports on each of the horses, including vet exams.  They have all been microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated and seen by the vet.

Bunny and Cody were adopted to a very happy new mom.  She was so happy to be adding them to their family.  She also decided to add…

…3 of our little Bantam roosters as pets to her family farm.

The remaining 4 horses that were at Lincoln Horse Auction (ran by the guy we got the 19 horses from) were safely brought to the shelter.   They are 4 beautiful Palaminos.

With all the extra mouths to feed, another load of Oat/Alfalfa cubes was delivered to the shelter.  It’s amazing how fast the horses will go through 12 tons of feed!

On Friday, Hope, the skinniest horse from the group of 19, was going to have extensive dental work done.  She was put into the chute so she could be kept safe, and the people would be safe too.  She is so skinny!

We were all shocked by what we saw in her mouth.  If you missed that blog, click here.

Her hooves are also in really bad shape and not taken care of.  Her heels are so long!

She is not the only one with severely neglected hooves.  Pretty much the entire herd has neglected hooves.  They simply were not trimmed.  All the horses were carefully documented.

The three mules, which we won the bid for in the government auction, were finally scheduled to be transported to our shelter.

It was a long trip for them, but they finally arrived.

They were more than happy to get out of the trailer.  One by one they gently hopped out.

There were also two other horses that had to be surrendered to the shelter.  The black and white is being transferred to Home at Last Sanctuary and was brought to our shelter for a good hoof trim.  She is untrained and wild so she came to our shelter for her hoof care.  Her son, the brown and white, is 4 years old, halter trained, is a gelding and is a very gorgeous boy.

Golem had his big exciting day as he was being adopted!  We just had to get a photo with Golem and Munchie, the largest and the smallest horses at the shelter.

Munchie is so little compared to Golem!

The size difference is so extreme.  No doubt Munchie was thinking “Wow, when I grow up I want to look like him!”  Sorry Munchie, you’ll never fit that halter.

We had a number of horses surrendered at the shelter over the week.  These two are nice younger horses who have never had anyone do anything with them.

Kate, Guss and Izabel were headed to Home at Last Sanctuary.  Kate, the large mule, had some lameness problems and we thought it would be best if she could enjoy the life of peace and retirement at Home at Last.  Guss and Izabel will also be joining their pony herd for a life of ease as we have had no interest in adopting them from anyone.

Thursday we had our first rainstorm of the fall!  The three skinniest horses from the 19 were shocked when blankets were put on them to help them stay nice and warm in the rain storm.

As fast as the storm blew in, it blew out to a beautiful crystal clear blue sky on the other side of the storm.  It was so nice to get some rain to kill the dust and smoke.

Munchie and Radar were adopted!  We know that they will get lots of love in their new home.  They are going to finish their recovery in their new home, they are very experienced and qualified to help these two cute little boys become fat and happy perhaps for the first time in their life.

Thank you all for your support!  We really appreciate, but not as much as the horses do.  Have a wonderful weekend!