On Tuesday we were transferring to a sanctuary a rooster who was surrendered to us.

The rooster had a severely twisted and deformed beak.  Critter Pass Ranch specializes in caring for special needs animals like this adorable little guy.

Kirsty was busy working Archie, getting him used to leading.  He was out of the round pen on his first walk!  He did very well.

The two remaining mules, Alden and Daniel, were going to be transferred to a sanctuary where they can live their lives out together.  They were going to be get their microchips, dewormings and vaccinations so they would be all up to date for their trip the following day.

There was a horse a being surrendered.  The owners had exhausted all their options trying to help this poor mare.  She has tumors covering her entire body.

Breezy’s new mom was excited to come up with her trailer to take her home.  Breezy is the last mini from the group of skinny mini’s that came to us awhile ago.  She was the last one to find a home, but she found a great one!

Wednesday was an incredibly busy day!  Our vet came out to look at the horses.  He examined Buddy, a horse that came to us recently with a large wound on his face that hasn’t healed since April.   Our vet worked up a treatment plan to hopefully get this poor guy back to health soon.

This is Buddy when he came to us.  We feel really sorry for him as we know this must really hurt and irritates him.

Celine was checked to see if she was pregnant.  Thankfully, the vet reported that she is not pregnant.  There are so unwanted horses out there.

In the parking lot Rocky was being surrendered.  His mom was absolutely heartbroken to give him up, but her current situation made it impossible to keep him.

Rocky is a 15 year old American Show Horse.  He is trained to ride!  What a stunningly beautiful boy he is.

She also donated her entire tack room.  It’s sad when people who love horses can no longer have one in their lives.  She was so thankful to us that we were here to help her out.

Inside the vet room one of the stallions was being wheeled into the operating room for his gelding operation.  This is Twister.

He also got his feet done too.  Jason reports that it is a lot easier to trim a horse when it is laying peacefully on the ground.

Meanwhile in the parking lot yet another horse was being surrendered.  This is a poor elderly horse that is completely blind and suffering from arthritis.

Meanwhile our vet was busy gelding Zipper.

Yet another horse (3 so far for the day!) was being surrendered.  This guy has a corneal laceration that is healing, but it really causes a lot of irritation until it’s healed.

Jason and the vet were still busy gelding horses.  The vet was busy gelding Archie while Zipper was fast asleep.  Jason kept busy trimming.

It was Kachina’s lucky day!  Her mom was approved to adopt, came up with a trailer, and was getting ready to load her up.

We are so happy for Kachina, she is such a precious girl.

The gelding operations weren’t done yet!  Half Moon was the last stallion to be gelded.

Look at how bad Half Moon’s front feet were.

Before long Half Moon was up and awake, headed to the recovery stalls out of the surgery room.

The rescue arrived that was going to transport the mules to Humanity for Horses.  They planned on coming back the next day to pick up the horses that were being transferred to them from us.

The mules were such good boys as they were led out to the trailer.

They eagerly hopped in the trailer and were excited to see what the future held for them.  They will be joining another mule from the Forest Service who has a lot in common and now they all have the same retirement.

Near the end of the day horse number 4 was surrendered.  This is an older mare who has failing health.

Her hooves were in pretty bad condition.

Thursday Kirsty was busy working with Zipper.

He soon got the idea that he was supposed to follow Kirsty around when she pulled on the rope.

Eva was going to be transferred to Valley View Equine Rescue.

Fenti was also being transferred to them.  They had rescued some of his friends from the auction we rescued him from and they were excited that they were going to be able to reunite them.

One of the volunteers from Valley View really fell in love with Eva and Eva seemed to really like her too.

We are really excited for Eva and Fenti.  Thank you Valley View for working with us and placing even more horses.

We are starting to gather horses for our next Extreme Rescue Makeover competition.  The 2015 Makeover competition will be featuring young, unhandled and halter trained only horses, ages between 3 and 6 years old.  This is Sequoia, a 4 year old Quarterhorse / Paint / Percheron gelding.  The horses that we are starting to line up for the next competition will still be available for adoption before they are placed in the competition.

Some of the recently gelded guys will also be in the 2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover.

Zipper continued to get lessons on leading throughout the day.  He was rewarded with a nice long walk where he got to see more of the shelter.

Thank you all for your support!