Tawnee has been working diligently, along with our vet, farrier and staff, on getting reports on each of the horses we purchased in the group of 19 directly from the owner of Lincoln Horse Auction who was arrested on animal cruelty charges.  It was a very large, thorough stack of papers with a lot of documentation.  The stack of papers was sent down to Yuba County District Attorney.  We hope this helps get justice for the horses that were abused and neglected!

Sunday the farrier was out trimming horses.  Some of the horses were completely unhandled so they had to be put into our special padded handling chute.  We recently saw that a horse rescue stated that we put horses into a “cattle chute” to work with them.  This is certainly not a cattle chute, it was specially designed and manufactured to handle wild horses the safest way possible.  Our trainer does work with training the horses to lift their feet, but in some cases their hooves need urgent care.

With the specially padded tilt chute they can rest comfortably under sedation while their hooves are being trimmed.

Look at the condition of poor Pistol’s feet!

After trimming her feet look better, but our farrier figures it will take about a year of diligent trimming to be brought back to 100%.

Janet and Mickey were transferred to Home at Last Sanctuary.  They were both such great horses and hopped right into the trailer.

We are very thankful to Home at Last for opening their doors to these two wonderful horses.  Thank you so much for giving them the retirement they deserve.

Monday Jason and Tawnee headed out to pick up some horses that needed to come to the shelter.

The first horses were living out for 7 years with some cows.  They weren’t really getting a whole lot of attention, and not a lot was known about them.

Soon they were caught and loaded up in the trailer.  The dark one is Ebony, a 15 year old Standardbred mare, and the sorrel is Onkey, a older QH mare in her mid 20’s.

Another horse was being led over to the trailer from next door.  She had been adopted from us back in 2012 and just wasn’t suitable for the family as they didn’t have enough time to spend with her getting her trained to ride.

We rescued Clover from an auction back in 2012, you can see that blog by clicking here.

She has definitely filled out to be a big beautiful girl, and is just waiting for the perfect home.

We had 4 roosters surrendered to the shelter.  Heath and Buttefinger are both big beautiful boys.

This is York.

This is Reese.

They all joined the flock and are happy as can be.

Wednesday the vet examined Wilma.  She was found running loose with a broken leg swinging back and forth when Animal Control found her.  Thankfully we use the same vet so we had all her medical history.  He decided it was time for her cast to come off and he is happy to report that her bone is completely healed and she will be as good as new.

Wilma and the other sheep were being adopted by a previous adopter, but first they had to be loaded up and transported to their new home.  They weren’t too thrilled about leaving the shelter, but after some coaxing they all got in the trailer safely.

The sun had set by the time Tawnee and Lydi opened the trailer door to let them out, and with all the fast action it didn’t turn out to be the clearest picture.  They sure were happy to get out and enjoy their new pasture!

They have a beautiful irrigated pen to call their very own.  The grass grows so quickly, and with the few critters he has adopted from us previously, he had to mow his pastures.  Now the additional sheep will help keep the grass mowed down.  The other animals he has adopted from us are doing great and it’s so neat to see them thriving in his care.

Thursday the farrier was out trimming horses once again.  Snow White was a very good girl for her trimming session.

Kirsty was busy working with the horses.  Ebony saddled right up.  It had been years since she had been ridden but she did really well.  She was originally a cart racing horse.

Kirsty gave her a refresher course and she remembered everything she had learned a long time ago when she was trained to ride, even neck reigning!

She did good on the trail ride, she was a little hesitant at times, but since she has been sitting so long that is to be expected.

Rocky, the 15 year old American Show Horse, was also taken out on the trail.  He has a lot of energy and not the best ground manners, but under saddle on the trail he did fine.

Snow White was also taken on a trail ride.  She is an older barrel racing horse, and we believe she has pretty much only been used to run around barrels.  She did good on the trail ride, but she needs some time to realize that just because someone is on you, doesn’t mean you are going to run full speed.

Thank you all for your support and have a great weekend!