Sunday Kirsty was giving more leading lessons to young horses.  She is working hard to confirm in their minds that leading is good and staying with the person, without running them over or dragging them around, is mandatory.

Q-Tip is doing very good with her lessons, she is such a pretty girl.

Archie was getting his leading lesson out in the pasture.  He seemed to be getting a little bored with it all.

His interest perked up when he was led to the dirt piles in the pasture.

Up and over he went, over and over.  He seemed to really enjoy that a lot more than just walking around on flat ground.  He really seems to like a challenge.

Russ was busy cleaning up the feed storage area, getting it ready for next delivery of feed.

One of our previous adopters sent up some vegan home made sushi for the hard workers at the shelter.  As you can tell, everyone was quite thrilled with the treat!

After the sushi, Kirsty worked with Clover, trying to get her memory refreshed.  When she was at our shelter before she had just gotten started under saddle.  She sat for a couple years after being adopted.

She is doing very well with the blue tarp introduction.

She even did well having the blue tarp draped over her.  She is such a pretty, flashy black and white mare.

We had a horse brought to the shelter to be surrendered.  Meet Shiloh, registered name of Teddies Questionaire.  She is a registered 13 year old APHA mare.

She is trained to ride and a very nice horse.

We also had 2 pygmy goats surrendered at the shelter.  A previous adopter was waiting for some more goats to be surrendered to the shelter and are planning on adopting them.

The Alpacas were quite curious about the new little arrivals.  It was cute watching them introduce themselves over the fence.

At the end of the day Celine was so happy to hear the Hay Wagon start up.  She knew supper was on its way!

Thank you all for your support!