Monday morning Dotty was filing an official complaint.  She was complaining that something was not fair and completely inappropriate…

…Little Dee loves having his head held.  He discovered that Dottie’s back was the perfect height to hold his head while he relaxed.  Dottie’s complaint is that his head is just too heavy and she doesn’t think she is his head rest.

We asked Little Dee about this accusation and he looked shocked!  Whatever could she be complaining about?

In the office Tawnee was refreshing Cathy on the office work.  Lydi is taking a vacation and Cathy will be filling in for her while she is gone.  Cathy is one of our old receptionists so she knows all the ropes, there’s just been a few changes in procedure and paperwork since she last worked at our shelter.  It’s great to have her back!

The previous adopter who wanted the little goats came out and really fell in love with them.  Blackberry looked up so adorably with the sweetest face she could make.

The guy couldn’t wait to adopt them and give them a wonderful forever home.

He had crates for each of them, and they were really riding in style.

Bye Noggin, be a good girl for your new dad!

Annabelle, AKA Fuzzball, didn’t know it, but someone had their eye on him for some time.  She had filled out her application and was approved to adopt!

Fuzzball was tickled pink while she filled out the adoption papers.  He was so proud to have his very own human.  He is a lot smaller than he looks in this photo.

Jim and Laura hooked up to the trailer and headed out to rescue a little pony/mini that needed help.

They finally got back with Sugar.  Sugar is a 5 year old mare.  She is suffering from extremely neglected hooves.

Many of you will remember the emaciated minis we rescued back in September, well, Sugar is from the same family, but at a different location.  All 4 of her hooves are extremely overgrown.

Poor little Sugar, we feel so bad for her.  It is really difficult for her to walk without her hooves hitting into her legs.  We will be getting her the special hoof care she so desperately needs.

If you would like to donate to help Sugar, please donate to our Urgent Need fund.  To use your Credit Card, click here.   You can also donate directly through Paypal, click here or Donate@horsehumane.org.  Thanks so much!