Urgent Need – 14 Horses Were in Prison-On Death Row! (Death by Slaughter)

Theses 14 wild horses were rounded up by the state of Nevada and taken to a Nevada State Prison. Their crime? Being a wild horse – considered a nuisance by the state of Nevada.  This is a picture of part of the herd when they came down into a residential area and were considered a nuisance.  Their crime of “trespassing” got them arrested and taken to prison.

Were they really on death row? Yes!   If we had not agreed to save them, they were to be sold for slaughter.

These horses need your help! Their bail from prison, transport to California, medical care, feeding, training, and sheltering all cost a lot of money.  We had no time to fundraise prior to purchasing them, and we didn’t want to give Kill Buyers the chance to swoop in and get them before we could rescue them. We desperately need your help to help these horses and give them the future they deserve.  Jennifer G. has generously offered to match dollar for dollar up to $1,000, your $25 donation becomes $50 thanks to Jennifer’s extremely generous offer.  Please help us help these precious horses who were saved from shipping to slaughter today.  Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated!  Every dollar really helps!

Thank you for helping us save their lives!  Please forward this email to anyone you believe may be able to help!

Credit Card: www.horsehumane.org
PayPal Email: donate@horsehumane.org
PayPal Link: http://bit.ly/1obncrM