We would like to introduce you to the 14 wild horses that came from the prison.  They are all settling in and getting used to the routine at the shelter.  Again we would like to thank everyone who donated to make rescuing these precious lives possible, saving them from being sold at a slaughter auction.

This beautiful boy is Comet, a 6 year old gelding.

Pisces is a 4 year old mare.

This handsome guy is named Avatar, and he is a 7 year old gelding.

Sienna is a beautiful 3 year old mare.

Savannah is a very cute 3 year old mare.

Ranger is a good looking 7 year old gelding.

Autumn is a 4 year old mare.  We couldn’t help but notice that when we took the photos that Autumn had something around her right rear leg.  We found it odd as she was a wild horse rounded up by Nevada.

When we were worming the horses, we sedated her and laid her down in the specially padded squeeze chute.  We found the round ring to be some odd heavy rubber ring around her hind leg.

After cutting it off it was found to be a 2 1/2″ rubber gasket.  Who knows how long it’s been on her leg!  Just as it’s important to keep our oceans clean for the sea life, it’s so important to keep our wilderness and range lands clean for the wild animals there.  She is very lucky it wasn’t smaller or it would have caused her a lot of damage as she grew.  Most likely she stepped into it when she was a youngster, and it got stuck above her hoof.

This cute girl is named Prairie and she is 3 years old.

Dawn is a 4 year old mare.  Dawn had a weird clump of yucky looking stuff in her forelock.  She also seemed to have some nasty stuff on her skin hiding behind her forelock.

When she was in our padded chute we found out what it was: nasty clumps of dried blood.

We began cleaning it up and found that she had a nasty injury to her head that probably happened during the roundup or at the prison.

As we began cleaning it up, we found giant puss pockets in her forehead.  Putting a little pressure on her forehead, puss began oozing out.

Thanks to our padded chute we were able to get her all cleaned up and medicated.  There is no way we could have treated her without our chute.

Ruby is a beautiful 4 year old mare.

Forest is a great looking 4 year old gelding.  He was a lot more relaxed seeming than the other horses and didn’t seem to have much fear in his eyes.

After a little bit he allowed Kirsty and Tawnee to approach him and scratch his neck and head.  He has definitely had human contact before.

Dalia is 3 year old mare, she isn’t the most photogenic horse around, but she is cute in person.

Dakota 3 year old mare who is a beautiful strawberry roan.

Rain is a pretty 3 year old mare.

Nevada Wilds – Wild Horse Photography posted up about these horses.  We are thankful that they are safe and that they didn’t go to the Fallon slaughter auction.  They are only safe from that horrible fate because you donated to make it happen!  You can see their post by clicking here.


   Thank you all for your support!