For years we have read about the horrors of the horse slaughter pipeline in Tennessee.  From slaughter trucks collapsing with horses inside, to the dumping of Amish buggy horses after they are used up.  Jason and Tawnee, who write our blog, headed back to Tennessee to see first hand what the situation is like for horses.

There were a lot of horse auctions in Tennessee and they were able to attend one of them.  There were a lot of horses there, but they said there were even more horses at the last auction.

It was really sad seeing horses auctioned off to their unknown fate.  The price of horses at the auction were very similar to horse prices at California and Nevada auctions, 8-33 cents a pound.

They were able to save 6 precious lives.  3 ponies, a donkey and her baby, and and a 2 year old colt.

The baby donkey was trying to find security by being close to his mom.  He was so scared and confused.  He kept putting his head up on his moms back, trying to stay as close as possible.

A great big slaughter truck was there loading up the horses that no one wanted to pay more than slaughter price for.  In Tennessee shipping horses to slaughter is perfectly legal and it was really sad watching the precious lives being crammed into the trailer.  Some of the horses were used up Amish horses, some riding horses, others were crippled or injured.  We wish the Last Act of Kindness program could have been given to the horses that were crippled and injured, instead they had to endure a horrid trip to slaughter.

The next morning they were able to pick up the horses that were rescued.  We really wish we could have saved every horse that was at the auction.  One person asked on Facebook “Don’t Humane Societies get government funding?  Why didn’t you save them all?”  We do not get government funding, we rely 100% on your donations to rescue horses and other equines from the slaughter auctions just like the 6 that we were able to save at this auction.

They are now safe and enjoying some lush Tennessee grass.  It is green and lush everywhere, so different than California!  Hay is really cheap, a 2000 lb round bale goes for $20 each.  The proper paperwork and coggins is being done so that if adoptive homes are not found in TN they can be transported back to the shelter in California.

Back at the shelter everything has been running as normal.  Parcey and Shadow love hanging out together.

We have horses being surrendered at our shelter nearly every day.  Many are coming in for the Last Act of Kindness program.  As winter approaches owners don’t want their aged beloved pets to endure the long cold months.

This poor guy has chronic lymphangitis.  One leg is so much larger than the other.

These two horses are a mother and daughter.  The baby (closer to the camera) is named Zima and the mother is named Eva.  They were running loose for 2 years.  Animal Control and the BLM finally corralled them up, and then they were transferred to us.

Kirsty has been busy working with the horses at the shelter.  She does such a great job!

Cathy has been busy in the office keeping up with all the phone calls and paperwork.  There seems to be paperwork made every day!

We had several roosters surrendered at the shelter recently too.  They came to us from an Animal Control agency.  Animal Control’s get lots of chickens at their shelters, they are usually able to find homes for the hens, but generally cannot find anywhere for the roosters to go.  So, they come to our shelter and help out with fly control.  They are available for adoption to homes who want a pet rooster or two.

Wilbur and Mr Ed are two very friendly Wilshire pigs.  They were surrendered to our shelter and we hope we can find a sanctuary or home for these guys soon.  They are so cute! They are both neutered and are 1 year old.  They are available to be adopted as pets.

Rocky was adopted into a wonderful home!  We are so happy for him and his new dad.

Thank you all for your support!  If you would like to help our with our first Tennessee Auction Rescue, it would be greatly appreciated!  Just click here.