Oklahoma Auction Rescue

Our Oklahoma Satellite Shelter is not quite ready for horses, but that didn’t stop our rescuers from saving lives at an OK slaughter auction this week as our trailer was coming through from Tennessee and could bring some precious lives back to California!  This is our first Oklahoma auction rescue.  We were able to rescue a total of 9 precious lives.

We rescued a mamma donkey, baby donkey, pony yearling, yearling mini, paint mini with a bad eye, a very old skinny sick mini, OTTB bay, paint horse, and a very old skinny horse.

We purchased the momma donkey then several horses later a young baby donkey came in to the ring. We realize they had separated the young baby donkey it’s from mother. We were very happy we are able to rescue both of them and reunite them again.  We were glad to have them safe in our trailer after the auction.

Two of the 9 were in critical condition and needed to see a vet immediately.  This is Norman, a very elderly pony in very poor health.  With every breath he took, the smell of death was on his breath.  His body was just shutting down.

The other one in critical care is named Grandpa, a very elderly, emaciated guy.  Upon examination the vet believed he was suffering from liver failure.  There was nothing that could be done for Grandpa or Norman, and the vet recommended humane euthanasia.  We are so thankful that we were able to save them from heading down the slaughter pipeline to a horrible ending, thankful we were able to give them love and compassion.

The remaining 7 horses are being transported to our shelter in California, along with the Tennessee auction rescues.

We need your help!  Please, if you can donate to help with our first Oklahoma Auction Rescue, it would be greatly appreciated.  We need funds for their rescue, transport, vet care, training, and sheltering.  To donate, click here.