Sugar Update – Long Hoofed Mini

We would like to catch you up on what’s been happening with Sugar and share with you her amazing recovery.

Sugar was surrendered to us with extremely long hooves and she was having a very hard time walking.

Poor Sugar!  The neglect of her hooves had been ongoing for a very long time, leaving her in a painful, awkward state.  If you missed that blog, click here.

He rehab started as soon as possible when she came to us.  The first trimming she received was by our vet.  Her back hooves were done first, one of her back hooves was causing her leg to twist out which would cause permanent disfigurement and damage if not corrected.

Our vet clipped away under the hoof making a flatter surface for her to stand on.  Once the bottom part was trimmed flat it was time to work on the top.

Then the excess hoof had to be sawed off.  It was quite different looking, it’s not often we see hooves that have grown this long.

There was a lot of trimmed hoof laying on the ground.  Her hooves were starting to look more normal.

It’s amazing how quickly her hooves went from looking like long slippers to looking like pony hooves.

We gave her some time to adjust before tackling her front hooves.  The poor girl did a lot of standing for the first trim and she needed a break.

Our farrier followed the vets guidelines for trimming her front hooves.

The excess hoof had to be sawed off so the farrier tools would actually work.

Then the trimming and filing was carefully done.

It is so neat to now see Sugar being able to trot and prance around with the other ponies at the shelter.  For so long she had long, cumbersome hooves that made it awkward for her to even walk, much less trot.

We would like to thank you for all of your support in allowing us to help precious animals just like Sugar.