Home at Last: Stories From a Sanctuary

Some of you may recognize Jim and Donna from Home at Last Sanctuary.  They are a very wonderful couple who have been running a sanctuary for horses, and other animals, for quite a number of years and have given lifetime sanctuary to dozens of horses that we have rescued.  Jim has written a book with stories from the sanctuary and it has just been published.

The book is titled “Home at Last: Stories from a Sanctuary.”

Inside are stories after stories of horses at the sanctuary with lovely pictures to accompany the stories.

You will love meeting the horses and reading their stories.

You will also get to know Jim and Donna through the stories, something that is a very special treat.

There are two ways to purchase the book.  The best way that benefits the sanctuary the most is through Create Space.  To purchase the book there, click here.

The other way to purchase the book is through Amazon.  Purchasing the book through Amazon is cheaper, but the sanctuary doesn’t get as much of the funds.  To purchase through Amazon, click here.

Thanks for helping our friends at Home at Last by purchasing a book!  All the net profit will be used to help their sanctuary.  This book will make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone that loves horses.