Winter seems to be coming early to the shelter.  We have had some much needed rain that has greened up the pastures at the shelter.  Just a reminder to our followers, the shelter is closed on rainy days.

One of our roosters at the shelter likes to hang out at the office and is friends with all our staff.  He was sadly attacked.  The strange happenings is the day before he was attacked some people came to the office wanting to buy some “big fat roosters.”   We told them that our roosters are not available for sale but are for adoption and that they would have to go through our adoption application.  They got disgusted and said that was a whole lot of work for some birds.

The next day we found our beautiful rooster, Dusty, had been maliciously attacked.  His tail feathers were ripped out.  His comb was crushed and bleeding.  His foot was broken and a toe-nail was ripped off.  The vet examined him and said that he believes it was done by a human as an animal would have left bite marks with that much damage.

Our security cameras have caught people prowling on the property, which we find very concerning, especially since there is an ongoing criminal animal abuse case we have given information to the district attorney and we have received threats off and on since then.  We are heartbroken to think that Dusty could have been a victim of someones malicious actions.  We are really hoping that he will survive.

 We had another load of cubes delivered.

Russ and one of our board of directors got to work dividing the hay barn into sections for the cubes and rice hulls.

They really did an excellent job, but it’s not done yet.

We had some visitors come out to see the Alpaca’s.  Two of our resident Alpaca’s absolutely fell in love with the people.  We could tell it was true love on both sides, so we agreed to let them adopt the two pending their adoption application.

Barbie was adopted!  Her adopters didn’t want to be seen in the blog as she is one of the horses we purchased from the guy that is facing animal cruelty charges.

Chaperal had a potential adopter come out to meet her.  They really liked her and put her in adoption pending.  She is such a sweet girl.

We had a 19 year old Quarterhorse gelding surrendered named Pistol.  He was used for rounding up cattle and doing all around ranch work, but that was 13 years ago.  Kirsty will be giving him a refresher course.  It will be interesting to see how much he remembers.

The Alpaca boys, 12 in all, were getting ready to be gelded.

The vet wanted to use the chute to keep them calm and safe during the gelding operation.  Don’t worry, they were given pain killers and meds to keep them comfortable.

After the Alpacas were gelded it was time to geld two of the young stallions at our shelter.  First was Smokey, the young Spotted Walking Horse we rescued from the Tennessee auction.  He was off in la-la land when his operation was done.

Next was Duronimo, he is not halter trained yet so he was sedated in the chute.

Then he was wheeled into the operating room.

Soon the operation was over and he was waking up.

Duronimo was taken back to his stall, Smokey would be joining the lower pasture of young geldings who are working our their hormones.

It was so pretty seeing him in the lower field prancing with joy.

We had a large Thoroughbred gelding surrendered.  We will get his actual height soon.  His name is Bear and he is 10 years old.  He was never raced and we don’t have his papers but his registered name is Doubleirishtrouble.  He is trained to ride but needs to be ridden consistently as he gets very hot when he’s not ridden regularly.

We have also had a lot of horses surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program.  We are grateful that we are able to provide this service for people and their horses who have no other humane options.  For more information about our Open Door Policy, click here.

Thank you all for your support!