NBC 4 out of Ohio did a great investigative story about how Ohio is supplying a large number of horses to the slaughter pipeline.  The auctioneer openly admits that most of the horses sold at his auction are shipped to slaughter.  When we were in Tennessee we saw large slaughter trucks like the one in the news story, and in Oklahoma there were more than 200 horses sold at one auction in a few hours.  The need is huge across the nation!  Our Last Act of Kindness program could save every single one of these horses from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline.  To watch the great news story, click here.

Sunday started out beautiful and sunny.  We have had a lot of rain recently, but today the animals were being turned out into the large pasture.  They were so happy and full of delight.

We guessed it was going to be a busy day as many of the adoption applications were approved and it was a beautiful day.  Sure enough, it was busy!  This lady really fell in love with Celine.  She thought she was so sweet and Celine was doing her best to try to win her heart.

She also wanted to see some of the other horses too, and met some of the horses in the lower field.  Wyatt was curious about her and walked over to sniff her hands.  Being able to walk is huge for Wyatt.

When Wyatt came to us his stifle was locked and his leg couldn’t bend, and was stuck where he had to drag it and hop along with ever step.  To see his intake video, click here.

Wyatt is such a beautiful boy and we are so happy to see him doing so well.  We followed the treatment plan set up by our vet, along with his injections, and he is now walking freely and enjoying life.  The vet hopes that as he grows (he is not yet 2) that he will outgrow his problem and live a full life.

Sequoia did his best to charm the lady too, but she kept thinking about Celine.

Leaving the lower pasture, the horses galloped behind the feed wagon with delight.  It was neat to see Wyatt and Sequoia galloping up the hill together.

Back with Celine she fell more in love.

After a long talk about their future together she told Celine that she would be adopting her and taking her home.

After adoption papers were signed, a great adoption family photo was taken.  We are so happy for Celine and her new family!

Lightning’s potential family, who have her in adoption pending, came out to spend more time with her.  They are very excited about adopting her and are anxiously waiting for their adoption application to be done.

A family, who are a previous adopters, came to the shelter and adopted Cami Girl and Melody, the pony we rescued from the Tennessee auction.

Chaperal was adopted as well!  Her new dad was so excited to take her home and start their future together.

Malibu, one of the Palominos we rescued from the Lincoln Horse Auction, was being adopted too.  She came to us wild and unhandled, and now thanks to Kirsty’s great training, was being led easily.

The lady adopting Malibu was adopting Beauty too.  Beauty was all smiles for her adoption photo.

A potential adopter came to visit the donkeys.  She really fell in love with them and hopes to be adopting one, or more, of them soon.  She will be submitting her application and keeping her fingers crossed.

Two horses were surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness program.  This poor old guy has had chronic diarrhea for quite some time.  He is quite elderly and we know it is time to say “Goodbye.”

It was a very busy day, the staff had a lot of chores once closing time came.  This time of year the sun also goes away at closing time, leaving a lot of chores that have to be done in the dark.

Thank you all for your support!!