Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Supporter,

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, I am grateful for the support and kindness from supporters like you.

As you get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, what are you thankful for this year? As the founder of Horse Plus Humane Society, I am grateful for compassionate supporters like you!

Your generous support has saved almost 700 horses and other animals this year in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Thank you for helping us save them!  We rescued them out of the slaughter pipeline, opening our doors to them when their owners could no longer care for them, giving them a safe shelter, giving the Last Act of Kindness if needed, proper medical attention and helping find adoptable loving forever homes.

I am so thankful for our staff and volunteers that dedicate so much time and energy to help horses and other animals.  Among a few people that have helped in a major way, Jason has driven tens of thousands of miles transporting horses. Kirsty has spent hundreds of hours training horses, making them more adoptable and working with adopters to find the perfect match.  Russ has braved wind, rain, freezing cold and blistering heat to keep every horse and other animal at the shelter fed, watered, and cared for.  Lydi  and Cathy spend 5 hours a day in the office keeping phone calls answered, checking in visitors and keeping the paperwork in order.  Shari has visited dozens of auctions, bidding and saving hundreds of lives.  She is now opening our newest satellite shelter in Oklahoma.  Jim and Laura have also spent thousands of miles on the road savings horses all over the nation.  Without the dedicated staff and volunteers, we could never have saved all those precious lives this year!

The work we do is only possible because of supporters like you. Supporters who make sacrifices to help animals they may never meet. We may not be able to save every horse, but for the ones we do save, it means the world to that horse.

Thank you for caring!

With thanks,

Tawnee Preisner

Make a gift this Thanksgiving to help rescue horses and other animals.

Our shelter will be closed due to Thankgiving Nov 26th-29th