This holiday season, please don’t forget the thousands of horses that will be entering the slaughter pipeline. We need your help to save as many as we can from that most horrible fate!  Please donate to the December Auction Rescue, for more information and to donate, click here.

We got a great update on Leyla!  We rescued her from auction in February, this is her when we rescued her, she was in pretty sad condition.  You can read her auction rescue blog by clicking here.

Leyla’s Mom says: “I just wanted to give you an adoption update on Layla, now known as Nellie bell. She is amazing, such a great mannered little horse, so willing to try new things even if they are scary. She has also put on a few pounds, which are much deserved! She is great with my kids, they love giving her treats. We’ve been on 3 camping trips which she has done well with. She has already won two first place ribbons at trail trials. She is such a joy to have and I can’t thank you enough for rescuing her from that auction, and giving me the chance to make her mine!”

We got a nice 19 year old gelding surrendered to the shelter, he has not been ridden in years, but picked it right back up. His name is Pistol and he is available for adoption.  If you are interested in adopting him please contact us.

The Mustangs from the Nevada Prison are doing great hanging out being horses waiting for our 2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover.  If you are interested in competing in our 2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover, please email us and let us know.

Shari came back to California to get some more of her stuff to take back to Oklahoma.  On her trip she got some tack at a sale for us to use as fundraiser to help the animals here at the shelter.  It was really nice to see her again, thank you so much for your help!

Stormy the young spotted walking horse we rescued from the Tennessee auction got adopted! We are so happy for him.

Our farrier came out and got some more trimming done.  The donkeys weren’t to thrilled about the process, but in the end they put up with it all.

Tawnee and Kirsty got alot of chores done, such as letting horses out to the pastures in preparation for the holidays. All the water troughs needed to be dumped out. Kirsty was cleaning out the water troughs, getting them empty enough to dump, and Tawnee saw a photo opportunity.  The sun hit the water just right for one of those really cool moments.

 Home at Last founders, Jim K. and Donna, came out Thanksgiving Day and said hello to the critters.  They loved meeting some of the Alpalcas and fell in love with three of them. 

Home at Last also took Chicka and Swayze. Chicka took one last look back in thanks for saving her from the slaughter pipeline.

Jim H. headed out to deliver two other alpacas that were being adopted. 

They arrived safely and their new mom, dad, and another alpaca were happy to see them. 

We got a call that an 8 year old stallion needed to come to the shelter because he kept escaping from his pen.  The lady said she was desperate and if we couldn’t get him, she was going to pay her neighbor to come dig a hole with his backhoe and shoot him.

 Our vet came out on Friday, and before he knew it, Rudy was waking up as a gelding.  After he recovers and feels better, Kirsty is going to be working on getting him halter trained as he is not very well trained at all.

The vet looked at Dusty the rooster who had been attacked and says he looks like he will make a full recovery. 

  Sunday Kirsty was busy evaluating Bear, our very large 17 hand thoroughbred. He made Kirsty look like a little Kid.

He is 10 years old and is available for adoption. He is looking for his next adventure, he needs to be consistently ridden due to a lot of energy. If not ridden frequently he gets too hot. 

Kirsty also took a minute to visit with Angel.  She has been with us pretty much a year now and has gotten so big. She has ditched Little Dee, her seeing eye donkey, for Phoenix, who is her constant buddy.  We are glad the two of them have each other.

We had approved adopters come out to meet the Alpacas. Marina enjoyed some yummy treats while her new mom got acquainted with her. 

They ended up falling in love with Addy, Romeo, and Saffire as well.

Saffire and her new mom had a little conversation about their new life and she thanked her for adopting her with a cute hum. 

Thank you all so much for your support both financial and emotional. You make all the animals we rescue possible.  Please donate to our Auction Rescue fund, click here.