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    We had two very adorable turkeys surrendered at the shelter.  They peered out wide eyed, wondering what was going on.

They didn’t come with names, so we are going to call them Mac and Cheese, after the two turkeys President Obama pardoned before Thanksgiving.

We have had a lot of rainy, drizzling weather.  It makes operations at the shelter more difficult, but all the horses are doing great.  Please remember that our shelter is closed on rainy days, but we can make appointments for surrenders and adopters who have an application in.

Because of the rain, all the horses have been moved out of the smaller pens and the mare motel (which doesn’t have rain gutters) got some of its stalls flooded.  We took advantage of the pens being empty and started improving the fencing.

Jason, Russ, Tawnee and Kirsty all pitched in to get the first section of fence up.

Some potential adopters, who have an application on file, braved the rain to meet some of the animals available for adoption.   Breeze was happy to see them again and came over for a visit.

They decided to adopt all three of the donkeys at the shelter, so they could stay together.  We are so excited for them.

They really fell in love with two of the Alpacas and decided to adopt them as well.  The Alpacas seemed to like them too.

Breeze was all smiles at the thought of being adopted and heading to her new family soon.

The fence was coming right along.  Kirsty was going to be evaluating Hope, but just had to get a snapshot of the fence.

We purchased Hope with the group of 23 horses, if you missed that blog, click here.  Hope was extremely emaciated and had been that way for months.  After we rescued her she started receiving proper feed and medical care.  She started recovering quickly, and today…

…she is almost done with her rehab and is happy.  She was going to have her first evaluation under saddle.

Hope did absolutely beautifully!  She is a very nice horse, probably been sitting for awhile, but is easy to ride, neck reigns and is very soft with the bit.  If you are interested in adopting her, please contact us.

Please remember the horses that will be taken to the upcoming auction.  Your donation can be the difference between rescue or continuing down the slaughter pipeline.  Only you can make that difference, please donate right now: click here.

Thank you all for your support!