A great big THANK YOU goes to everyone who donated for this weekend’s auction rescue.  We have reached our goal, we can’t thank you enough!!

We have seen a lot of rain recently.  On Wednesday it was pouring.

We are thankful that we got the horses moved out of the mare motel and the small pens as we suspected that it would flood, and it did.  The shelter does have good drainage so the water had somewhere to go.

Two of the Alpaca’s and the 3 donkeys were scheduled to be delivered to their new home.  They were moved into one of the holding rooms to get ready for their trip.

Russ headed out in the pouring rain to deliver them to their new home where their new mom was anxiously waiting for them.

Waiting for them was wonderful indoor stalls that were all set up ready.  They were nice and dry too!

The donkeys were very happy to get into their stall and start sniffing around for carrots that were hidden for them.

The Alpacas were excited to find the bucket of goodies waiting for them too.

Russ arrived back at the shelter right before feeding time.  We so appreciate all his hard work and great help.

Thursday was going to be a big day evacuating Trinity Horse Refuge. They recently moved to their new location, and their landlord failed to mention that their pasture, where they built the horses pens, was a flood zone that the county uses to divert water from the streets through underground pipes and onto their pasture.  All their horses were standing in a lake.

We looked at our fields and figured out if we put up one cross fence we could move their horses onto one of our back pastures.  Russ got right to work on the cross fence.

Tawnee and Kirsty headed out for the first load.  The rain was still pouring.

Down at the refuge it was definitely a lake.  Some of the horses are not halter trained so it was a challenge getting them into chutes for loading.

First load arrived safely at the shelter.  Tawnee and Kirsty headed off again for the second load.

The second load of horses was easier to load as they were halter trained, but the mud and water made it challenging.

Finally the last load was unloading at our shelter.  It had been a very long, wet, cold, muddy day.

It was nice to see the horses safe and dry, standing on solid ground instead of mud.  What a horrible predicament to be in for Trinity Horse Refugee and we are happy we could help them out.

When the chores were finished up it was time to wash the mud off to boots, putting a final ending to a long and busy day.

Thank you again for donating to the auction rescue!  We can’t wait to see which horses we rescue this weekend and throughout the week.