Auction Rescue Update – 7 Saved!

Thanks to donations from people just like you, we were able to rescue 7 horses at the first auction in December.  The auction was very late Saturday night, and by the time all the horses were sold it was decided to move the horses in the morning.  Sunday morning bright and early our rescue team was loading up the horses.

The horses were definitely wide eyed with curiosity, wondering what their future held for them.

After the long trip they arrived safely at the shelter and were ready to unload into the waiting quarantine pen.

One by one they started unloading from the trailer.  They were happy and relieved to have their hooves on solid ground once again.

We would like to introduce the 7 newest horses pulled from the slaughter pipeline.

  This is Jasmine, she is a very cute little pony mare.

This is Jasper, a very good looking pony gelding.  We believe he may be related to Jasmine as they are quite similar to each other and did come in to the auction together.

This handsome guy is a 15 year old  Quarterhorse crossed with what we believe may be Saddlebred.  He is a gelding named Captain.

This is Sweetheart, an older mare who is suffering from a lot of lameness.

This is Spirit, a 2 year old pony gelding.

This is Reesa, a 7 year old mare.  We believe she had a foal on her that was recently pulled, probably right before she was dumped at the auction.

This poor old gelding in his 20’s is named Noel.  He is suffering from lameness and appears to be in pain from an old injury.

He has a nasty scar wrapping around his hind leg with a lot of swelling.

The horses rescued at the auction are all in quarantine and will be evaluated for their adoptability and quality of life, and will receive the needed medical care.  We will get them up on the adoption website as soon as possible too.

We are planning on attending another auction very soon with the remainder of the auction funds for December.  We can’t thank you enough for making the rescue of these horses possible!

Sunday was a very busy day at the shelter with lots of adoptions, don’t miss the next blog for Sunday’s happenings.