We are very excited to announce that a supporter from Arizona is taking our Last Act of Kindness program and turning it into a nationwide foundation.  The Last Act of Kindness Foundation’s mission is to provide humane, veterinary assisted euthanasia to old, sick, injured horses who cannot be humanely treated, saved or adopted, giving them care while crossing over the Rainbow Bridge with dignity, in the company of loving humans, and without fear or pain.  The Last Act of Kindness Foundationstrongly believes that humane euthanasia is the only compassionate and feasible solution to end an existence of suffering and pain and we REFUSE, as true horse lovers, to accept the horror, continued pain, and psychological suffering of innocent horses who are dumped in auction yards, and too often shipped to slaughter.

Please visit the Last Act of Kindness Foundation’s Facebook page and press Like: click here.

Sunday Morning Kirsty and Russ were busy working on fencing, Dottie watched with curiosity.  “I wonder what they are up to?” she thought. Don’t worry Dottie, they were just remodeling.  They were putting up more pens and taking advantage of the horses being out of the barn, that is, most of the horses except Dottie who wanted to see what was happening.

We had a Horse named Annie surrendered, She is a 6 year old Mustang.

Annie is trained to ride, she has a soft mouth and a great stop. She is spooky and needs someone who can work with her every day.  If you are interested in adopting her please contact us.

After Annie was surrended, Jim and Laura pulled into the shelter with 7 very precious lives in their trailer.  They were the auction horses!  If you missed that blog, click here.

Kirsty was busy showing horses to a lot of approved potential adopters.  Here’s Shiloh being a very good girl.

Meanwhile we had a mini/pony rescue called Angels for Minis come out and look at Sugar and Paddy. They fell in love with the two of them.  They are being transferred to their shelter as they have a lot of homes waiting for minis.

Paddy was waiting for his turn to get in the trailer.  It’s really cute how their hair matches.

  In addition to the two mini’s being transfered to Angels for Minis, we also had a number of other adoptions.  One of those very lucky horses was Bear.  We are so happy for this big boy and his new home.

 Shiloh was such a good girl and is going to her new home as well.  We are excited for her as she starts the next chapter in life.

Pistol and Hope got adopted too. They both had their ears perked up with all smiles.

Hope and Pistol hopped right in the trailer, Kirsty went up to their windows to say goodbye to them both.

Monday, a potential adopter came out and right away spotted Sombra, Russell’s Horse.

She fell absolutely in love with him.  She had lost her old horse recently, and Sombra is really similar to a horse she really loved.

While Russ was busy showing Sombra, some of the Trinity Horse Refuge horses were running around happy as can be to be out of the mud.

They really are enjoying the green grass, and being out of the flood at Trinity Horse Refuge.  No need to worry about flooding here with all the rolling hills.

Tuesday we had a field trip come at the shelter.  The kids had a great time feeding all the critters.  Parcey wanted more treats, we are saddened to think if we hadn’t have rescued him he could have been a treat on someones plate.  Instead, he was doing his best to win the hearts and minds of kids, teaching them that cows are very sweet, affectionate animals.

They got to pet the turkeys and hold and feed the chickens. The kids had a blast with the chickens.

They went around and gave all the horses yummy carrots. The horses sure hope they come back soon.

 The kids all got together for a quick shot before heading home, thanks for coming out and spending some time with the animals.

Wyatt was adopted Tuesday!  He had a locked stifle when he arrived, if you missed that video, click here. He is doing much better and is walking freely.  We are so happy for him and that he gets to continue his journey through life with his new mom.

Foxy, Hope, and Clover were also adopted and headed off to their new homes. We are very happy and proud of all three of them.  It was dark when they loaded up, but they didn’t seem to mind at all.  It’s always exciting when you’re going home!  It’s funny thinking that if it was summer time there would still be sunshine for a couple hours.

Wednesday morning the big hay cube truck was coming around the corner.

In addition to our order, Trinity Horse Refuge ordered two bags of cubes for their horses.

Russ and the delivery man got right to work on unloading the cubes in the giant bags.

 It is nice that the feed company will bundle Trinity’s feed up in big bags so we can keep the organizations feed separated.

Yet another $4,500 worth of feed was then dumped into our feed bin.  We go through $4,000 – $5,000 worth of feed every month, and often more.  If you would like to donate to help with feeding the animals at the shelter, please click here.

  Sombra’s adoptive mom’s adoption application was processed ssuccessfully so she came to pick him up.  He walked right up to the trailer with her. He looked very happy.

He even had some snacks in the trailer, he grabbed a bite and took a look back and said “Thank you” to his old dad Russ for everything he did.  Russ is going to miss him, but he’s very happy he found such a wonderful home that will have a lot more time to spend with him then he is able to spend with him.

We want to thank all of you for you generous donations, it’s only because of people like you that we are able to rescue horses, and find them wonderful adoptive homes, like the one’s in today’s blog.