Little Dee is complaining about the rain.  Yes, he’s got a nice dry place to hang out and wait for his feed morning and evening, but he would rather be out playing.  Without as much going on due to the rain, the regular blogs don’t happen either.  Little Dee does hope you are staying warm and dry just like him.

Sunday we had some roosters surrendered at the shelter.  They are quite the handsome guys.

We had some visitors come who thought the two turkeys, Mac and Cheese, were so adorable.  They are thinking of adding them to their family farm as pets.

Even though our cubes are in a barn, the barn roof collects condensation and it starts sprinkling in the barn.  The big blue tarp keeps them all dry and as a bonus, the roosters don’t hang out on the feed.

Two of our rescuers attended an auction on Sunday too.  They were able to save 5 horses from heading down the slaughter pipeline.

On Monday, in between phone calls, Cathy brightened up the office by hang Christmas ornaments.   It looks so cute Cathy, thanks so much!

The auction horses were loaded up for their trip to our shelter.  We are really sad for the horses that are in some different trailers, the trailers heading to slaughter.  We are so thankful that, with donations from people just like you, we were able to save these precious lives.

The horses were comfortable in the trailer and happy to be munching on food while traveling to our shelter.

One of the horses we were quite concerned about.  He seemed to be suffering from what appeared to be DSLD.  If you don’t know what DSLD is, click here.

Back at the shelter, the staff was getting ready for an instructional class by our vet for our staff. The surgery room doubles as a classroom very nicely.

Jim and Laura arrived safely with the 5 auction horses, and the rain was still pouring.

After the trailer was backed up to the unloading chute, the door was opened and the horses peered out.  They had the look of “Do you really want us to get out of this dry trailer into the rain?”

Our vet arrived shortly after the horses unloaded to give them their exams.  This is Sissy, a 12-13 year old mare who is missing an eye.  She seems to be OK other than that.  We are glad the vet gave her a clean bill of health to go into our adoption program.

This is a registered Arabian named Alicia FCA.  She is 2 1/2 years old.  Tracing her name, we found out she comes from a very fancy horse ranch.  It’s hard to believe she ended up at an auction.  Her previous owners signed the sellers section of the registry papers back in April.  We believe the farm is not the one who dumped her at the auction, but she ended up there regardless of who took her there.  The vet checked her out and she is in great shape.  She’s a little thin but nothing that can’t be fixed with some good food.

There is a Youtube video where you can see Alicia at her original home.  Someone posted that she was sent to slaughter, her breeders posted that they sold her to a 14 year old girl back in May.  The girl never transferred the papers into her name and they were very sad to hear she ended up at auction.  You can see the video by clicking here.

This is Piper, a 17 year old Mustang mare who has no brand and was most likely born in captivity.  She is a little shy but did good for her vet exam.

This is Cassie, a 14 year old BLM Mustang mare.  She was the most shy out of the bunch, but was soon enjoying a massage by Jim.  She did her best to wiggle her lips on Jim’s jacket to show her appreciation.

Surfer, the horse with DSLD, was examined by the vet.  The vet aged him at 23 years old.

He was definitely suffering from his DSLD.  It’s so sad, it really causes the horse a lot of pain as their ligaments break down.

There was nothing we could do for Surfer other than love him, give him lots of hugs, and sedation as he was eating a yummy bucket of food.  Then he was told the final peaceful “Goodbye” as he was given the Last Act of Kindness.  We are so glad that he wasn’t shipped off for a horrific ending at a slaughter house.

After the horses were evaluated by our vet, our vet gave his instructional talk to our staff, furthering our staff’s education in sheltering.

Sophie, the Llama, was delivered to her new home on Tuesday.

Sophie has a really cute barn to protect her from the rain.

But, she didn’t worry about the rain and headed right out to explore her new pen.

Wednesday April and Larry went to the Horse Store in Chico to pick up some of the tack we had consigned there.  Unfortunately the store is closing permanently and we had to get our tack back to the shelter.  We also received a check from the tack that had sold for over $400.

Thursday Kirsty was evaluating one of the horses from a previous auction rescue.  This is Captain, rescued earlier this month.  He had been in quarantine, but he was finally well and given a clean bill of health.

Captain is a very gorgeous boy!  He is 14 years old, nicely trained to ride, neck reigns, stops and backs up beautifully.

He is available for adoption, so if you are interested in adopting this gorgeous gelding and adding him to your family, please contact us.

The last three available Alpaca’s were in the waiting room, waiting to be loaded.

The door rolled up and the trailer was waiting for them.  They were heading to their new home!

We really enjoyed having all the Alpacas here, but we are thankful and happy for them as they start their new lives.

Before long they were in their new home, peering around at their new surroundings.

At the shelter Kirsty was working with one of the pony’s we rescued from the Oklahoma auction.  Both Tinker (shown) and Penelope will be going to their home next week.  We are so happy that they will have a home for Christmas!

Thursday was a big cleanup day, thanks to April and Larry for coming up and helping so much!  A bunch of stuff had to be sorted and organized, and the rice hulls had to be piled back up.  Unfortunately the little tractor was out of commission, so it was all done by hand.

In all the cleanup, we found a horse toy that we had been looking for.  It had been mistakenly put in with some of the storage things.

After it was filled up, it was put in Angel and Phoenix’s pen.  They were more than a little curious.  Angel was trying to figure out what this thing was.

Phoenix decided to push it over and see if it tasted good by rubbing his teeth on it.

Angel could hear it rolling on the grass and you could see her really trying to figure out what this thing was.

She definitely enjoyed playing with it and we are so glad we found it.

Thank you all for your support!