3rd December Auction Rescue

Saturday night two of our rescuers were at an auction.  We had already used our auction fund for rescuing the 12 horses at the last 2 auctions we attended, but they wanted to attend the auction to see how it went.  Sadly, there were very few private buyers at the auction this weekend, prior to the horses being sold they sell tack, and bundles of good tack was selling for $1 as there were hardly any buyers.  One of the killer buyers attending the auction has been well documented by Animal Angels.  You can read about him by clicking here.  Our rescuers couldn’t let horses sell to the killer buyer and head off to slaughter, so they stepped out in faith, and saved 7 precious lives from the slaughter pipeline.  Now we need your help to cover this unexpected expense of rescuing horses from the slaughter pipeline!  To help, click here.

Sunday morning bright and early Jim and Laura were picking up the horses.  Unfortunately Jim’s trailer wasn’t big enough to haul all the horses they rescued, so another trip will have to be made.

This is an approximately 6 month old filly.  Her name is Frita.

This is Miss Dot Dash.  We are told she is trained to ride and is 13 years old.  We’ll call her Dash.  Dash and Frita are still waiting for their ride to the shelter.

Meanwhile, the 5 horses that were on the 1st load to the shelter arrived safely.  They peered out with curiosity at the shelter, wondering what their new adventure was all about.

This is Sally, a nice older mare.

Fila is another older mare.

This is a young 1 1/2 year old filly.  Her name is Darling.

Peaches is a 4 year old mare.

They all settled in for their first night at the shelter.  They were really enjoying their supper after the stress of the auction.

We really need your help with the cost of rescuing and caring for the latest auction rescue.  We have pulled 19 horses from the slaughter pipeline this month, and we desperately need your help with this last group.  We stepped out in faith to give these horses the Christmas gift of safe shelter, safety from the cruelties of the slaughter pipeline, now we need your help.  To donate for these 7 horses, please click here.